A warm welcome …

… from Walker to me, and from me to you.

The Walk-Man (as I call him, and he’s kind enough to indulge me the pun) graciously invited me to guest-blog here, and I’m honored. I do hope more of you take him up on his open invitation, so that we can make this the A-Number-One website on the Lynch Mob hit list. (Blazing Cat Fur probably occupies that spot already, but I’m sure s/he wouldn’t mind up-and-comers!)

I encourage all my fellow Yanks to jump into the Canadian free-speech battle with both feet. After all, creeping censorship is already happening here, as you should well know. President Obama has already appointed a number of “czars” (answerable only to him, of course) for various public agencies — who’s to say some “czarina” like Lynch isn’t already in place? (Actually, she is — in the form of the American mainstream media. It’s just not institutionalized here … yet.)

As a member of Facebook, I happened on this group, dedicated to the cause, with a respectable membership. It appears to be languishing a bit, so perhaps those of us who are members can liven it up a bit.

With all the mayhem going on in modern life today, it’s all too easy to allow a “backwater” issue like free speech to drop under the radar — but me, I think it’s more important than ever to win the battle against censorship.

If we can’t talk about things, how do they get fixed?

And if we can’t fix them without having fun at some idiot bureaucrat’s expense, what’s the use? Bring it on, lynching Lynchers :)


(A note: My usual pseudonym is “Eowyn,” but someone had the audacity to claim it here in WordPress before me, so I appear as “Theoden’s Daughter.” Hoping the Tolkienphiles get the reference :)  )

6 Responses to A warm welcome …

  1. backhoe says:

    “I encourage all my fellow Yanks to jump into the Canadian free-speech battle with both feet.”

    I’ve been beating the drum for several years; while primarily about the travails of my friends at Free Dominion, I’ve included everyone else I’ve ever heard of, as well, here:


    To quote my own self,

    “If you can’t speak freely
    you aren’t really free…
    are you?

  2. Eowyn says:

    Backhoe, thanks for that background; it’s good to hear from someone in the know about some of the less publicized cases than Macleans’.

    Words often fail me when it comes to Warman (and Lynch, for that matter). Strange, how appropriately named they are.

  3. backhoe says:

    Thanks for the kingly words, Eowyn– I never thought I’d see the day when a country like Canada- not that far away, and not that different from America, being based on English Common Law- would slip so fast into fascist-lite. And with so little protest.

  4. backhoe says:

    kingly = kindly
    Curse you, Spill Chicker…

  5. Eowyn says:

    *grin* Kingly or kindly, both are complimentary, and I thank you :)

    I totally concur re: fascist-lite. It may have something to do with Canadians’ legendary (and well-deserved) reputation for being some of the, quite simply, damned nicest people on the planet. The fascists might have used a kind of psychology based on Canadians’ sincere desire to be kind to further their agenda. Might have? Probably did. I’m reminded of the title of Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere’s book, “The Tyranny of Nice.” (I must buy a copy as soon as finances permit!)

  6. Rose says:

    Harper should hang his head in shame, she works for his Justice Minister. She chose to take this battle to the court of public opinion, thus she can’t cry and snivel it’s a personal attack. She made her choice when she decided to partake of “Plausable Denyability” and simper I want to debate the issues? Debate what cupcakes?

    She can make her list and check it twice but if Harper won’t provide safe guards to protect the people from arms of his government then the “Court of Public Opinion” will step up to the plate such as this site and protect our rights.

    Backhoe, it’s a sad day indeed when our government is protecting the rights of the people of Afghanistan from the despotic Taliban who force women to wear Burkas but Harper abandoned women forced to wear them in Canada via voting. The unwashed masses in Canada are battling an arm of the state that wishes to impose their twisted dogma on Canadians using persecution and financial ruin via HRCs, our war dead are rolling in their graves. What’s next stoning the respondants?

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