The day that is

I’ve had a long day, and Eow- sorry, Theodensdaughter is away for most of the day – but rest assured, the updates are forthcoming this evening.

But first, a couple of housekeeping announcements. I’ve added Don Sharpe’s blog, Sharpe Stick, [UPDATE: and also friend mbrandon8026’s blog, Freedom Through Truth ] to the blogroll on our sidebar. Furthermore, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who’s been linking to us, lately – particularly to The Binks over at Free Canuckistan.

Finally, upon a good suggestion from my uncle, I’ve decided to actually change the name of this blog, from The Lynch Files, to The Lynch Mob. I’ll be making a note of this in the sidebar, so that visitors who have been directed from a link referring to this blog as the former are aware of the change, of course.

That’s all for now. Thanks to the readers and the commenters, the linkers and the contributors for being so awesome – you make this whole thing worthwhile.


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