The Daily Lynch List

Now the time of day has arrived for me to point out a few of the places on and off-line where our dear Jennifer Lynch is being mentioned.

First of all, did you know that there is another Jennifer Lynch who just so happens to be a film director? Isn’t that just a tad ironic?

Second of all, The Phantom Observer has a poll up, asking who you would like to see debating Jennifer Lynch – that is, if she were willing to have a debate at all. As Blazing Cat Fur said, it’s too bad that there’s no addendum to any of the voter options, making jello wrestling a mandatory part of said debate. I’d totally vote for that.

Meanwhile, the fine folks over at say to Jennifer Lynch that ‘this is how you deal with “hate speech”‘, and Shooting Star asks, are you in the Lynch files?

Also see:

Post-Darwinist – Intellectual freedom in Canada: What goes around comes around


7 Responses to The Daily Lynch List

  1. generalbrock says:

    Jennifer Lynch will never debate anyone. She will just continue to spout her propaganda at anyone who will listen. You must agree with her, or be silenced like Ezra Levant.

  2. I’m afraid you may be right – it’s truly unfortunate whenever we have someone so unwilling to listen to the people in a government position.

    Of course, perhaps there’s something about government that attracts such people…

  3. Just dropping in to say, great blog!! And great title LOL!

  4. Natasha says:

    Yes, great blog! And if Lynch can keep a file on us, I think the least that one of us can do is return the favour. ;)

  5. Walker ask Werner if he will contribute.

  6. Walker says:

    Yep – I’m already on it, Blaze :)

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