‘3 to the chin’

Blazing Cat Fur notes Kommissar Lynch getting hit with a triple whammy: Gay rights organization, conservative pastor agree on ‘merit’ of human rights commission

(who’d a thunk THAT?)

Canadian human rights commissioner has free expression wrong (by Janet Keeping, President, Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership)


Rights Commission Threatens Our Liberty (The Montreal Gazette)

Section 13-licious!


On another note, I found this amusing website.  So get yer Lynch Mob goose and duck calls right away. I’m thinking there’s some rich irony desperate to break loose, here.

Rights commission threatens our liberty


3 Responses to ‘3 to the chin’

  1. […] of all, as my compratriotrix Theodensdaughter has already blogged about ( she’s way ahead of me on this ), Mark Milke, the Research Director for the Frontier Centre […]

  2. mbrandon8026 says:

    The irony of Lynch Mob Duck and Goose Calls. It begs for some finger dexterity response. Oh sh?t. Here goes.

    I can see the CHRC providing a little boodle bag for their Defendants (victims, culprits, miscreants, free speechers) after they have been tried in the CHRC kangaroo court.

    Attached to the Lynch Mob Goose Call could be a card that reads: “You have been goosed by the Lynch Mob. Enjoy this souvenir of our affection.”

    Attached to the Lynch Mob Duck Call could be a card that reads: “Sometimes our sense of humour here at the CHRC just quacks us up. Think of us when you use this little treasure.”

    What else could go into the boodle bag?

  3. ROFL! Excellent, mbrandon!

    Hmm … a travel set of body armor against those Evil Blogging Brigades on her hit list? ;)

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