The Daily Lynch List

Now’s the time of day ( but really, it’s night ) when I talk about the people who are talking about Jennifer Lynch and her wondrous multi-coloured commission.

First off, Ken over at Popehat lists Jennifer as one of those one his list of the noxious trend of confusing hate speech with the violation of actual human rights – check it out.

Second off, the Western Standard has picked up that article by Mark Milke that I mentioned last night. It’s not a new article, but why not check it out – ‘Gay rights organization, conservative pastor agree on AHRC’ – again anyway? And while you’re doing that, why not check out Matthew Johnston’s critique in the Standard’s Shotgun Blog?

Meanwhile, Richard Warman continues his rather pathetic campaign of ‘maximum disruption’ against David Icke, while the Christian Heritage Party takes a stand on behalf of future generations, and something’s rotten in the Dominion of Canada.


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