The Daily Lynch List

Well, it’s that time again, when I talk about those who are talking about Jennifer Lynch and her fabulous multi-coloured commission.

First off, Dr. Roy notes that Jennifer and the CHRC haven’t impressed the folks over at the Montreal Gazette, and wonders whether the Gazette is one of the new initiates to Lynch’s list. If so, I hope that it was added after this blog, for the sake of my own ego. ( More on the Gazette’s article at the Canadian Daily Digest – scroll down a ways )

Second of all, Truepeers over at Covenant Zone, muses that:

It’s “Canada Day”, and while I have not made much time recently for blogging, this will soon change. But to that end, maybe it’s time for a little stock taking. Where are we, as a nation, going, given the political culture of this country? A recent Mark Steyn piece provides a useful glimpse, if only for a moment on a beautiful day not to be completely wasted by our culture’s political insanities: Blazing Cat Fur: Hey Jennifer Lynch- Coming to a newstand near you….

Canada, it seems, has become a country where the policing of those who might say things mildly critical of the reigning religion are told to shut up, or else lose their jobs, reputation, etc. It’s a country where parliamentarians cannot respond rationally – they cannot even begin to recognize – arguments that “human rights” commissions are actually destroyers not defenders of real human rights.

You can read the rest of that here.

Meanwhile, Blazing Cat Fur and Mark Steyn offer for our delectation the collected writings of Salman Hossain, as, in the words of BCF, a lesson of just-passed Dominion Day that  ‘comes from Jennifer Lynch, QC ( Queen Censor )’.


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