The Quest Begins

Ok – so tonight I filled out the paperwork for an Access to Information Request for Jennifer Lynch’s list of critics’ names. Or rather, I’m trying to fill it out, and realizing how f***ing aggravating forms and paperwork can be. Third time was the charm, though. I feel like The Thing in the Fantastic Four movie, trying to dial a phone number with his huge hands – “Little buttons!” Only in this case, it’s bad hand-writing ( hand-printing, no less – if I’m not typing, I might as well be writing in crayon ), and clumsy form-fillingsmanship.

Anyway, the form is filled out, the envelope is addressed, and all’s I gotta do now is fill out the money order. Goody. ( By the way, is it just me, or are money orders a total gauge? ) I will, of course, be providing updates as I – hopefully – get my hands on that list. If the CHRC has redacted the hell out of it, well, we’ll go from there.

And if you too would like to send in an FOI request to get ahold of that list, you can get access to a form here, and the forwarding address is here. Don’t thank me – thank Blazing Cat Fur.

4 Responses to The Quest Begins

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