Today’s Lynch List: All About Barbara

Yes, it’s the All About Barbara special edition of the Lynch List, wherein I talk about all the people who are talking about Barbara Hall, and her wonderfully smothering Ontario Human Rights Commission.

The big news is Jim Corcoran’s recent complaint against several members of the Catholic Church, admittedly understandably, but also quite debatably.

First off, mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog has a fine essay explaining why this complaint, although rooted in good intentions, was a bad idea. More commentary from Scary Fundamentalist.

Blazing Cat Fur is all over it, reporting that the respondents haven’t yet filed a responseto Jim Corcoran’s complaint, although the Catholic Civil Rights League has issued a statement on the matter. More news from Blazing Cat Fur here, here, and here.

Wally Keeler does that thing that he does, giving a lot of background on the complaint, the text of the complaint  ( which can be read directly, via LifeSiteNews ), the names of the respondents, and all that wonderful jazz. For more background, you can see Jim’s side of the story, here.

Meanwhile, the National Post and Voice of the Martyrs weigh in, respectively. More at Catholic Culture and LifeSiteNews.

The Lynch List proper tomorrow – too tired to do it yet tonight. Plus, I’ll try and give some thoughts on Ezra Levant’s latest bout of rabble-rousing.


2 Responses to Today’s Lynch List: All About Barbara

  1. Kevin says:

    I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for the Catholic Church to direct gays to live celibate lives, and then punish a man for doing just that. What happened to “love the sinner, hate the sin”?

    But it’s not a human rights issue. Churches set their own (sometimes silly) rules about who gets to be in their club. I really understand why someone like Jim Corcoran is frustrated and upset, but his remedy should be to find a religious (or non-religious) community that matches up better with his beliefs.

  2. I agree – a Church is a private organization, and it should be able to set its own rules and standards. Even if those rules and standards are unreasonable.

    I think Jim’s complaint was, at least partially, rooted in a desire to stop a certain group of people within his church from, basically, harrassing a new priest to the church – Jim’s being removed from the position of Altar server being just a part of the pressure being put on that priest. I believe that when he was consulting his lawyer on how to sort of stave off these people, he was given a couple of options, and one of them was a human rights complaint, and that’s the one that he went with.

    I still don’t think it’s a human rights issue, and to drag Barbara Hall and the Ontario Human Rights Commission into the affairs of the Catholic Church strkes me as a bad idea – but I think Jim’s actions were understandable, at least.

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