Today’s Lynch List

Well, it’s that time again, when I talk about all the people who have been talking about Jennifer Lynch and her wondrous multi-colour commission, with gratuitous mention of the various other commissions and commissioners currently mucking about in the Dominion.

First off, when Khurram Awan strikes! part two. Ezra Levant thanks everybody who’s been talking about his being threatened by Khurram Awan with a libel lawsuit – a list of blogs including Jay Currie, Blazing Cat Fur, Kathy Shaidle ( on her blog and for Right Wing News ), Ferreras J., Atlas Shrugs, Girl On The Right, Howard Mackinnon, and Allan’s Perspective – and talks a little about why he actually welcomes a lawsuit from our dear third sock-puppet:

As Kathy writes, it takes a special kind of masochist to go through the drubbing that Mark Steyn inflicted on him, and then sign up for another round: “Thank you, sir — may I have another…? “

They say there are two ways to really get to know someone: marry them, or go into business with them. I think there’s a third: get into a lawsuit against them. I think I know more about the CHRC’s malicious conduct than Jennifer Lynch does, simply because I don’t think she’s ever bothered to read the transcripts and rulings of every one of her censorship cases. I think I know more about Richard Warman than his employer, the Department of Defence’s Special Grievances Directorate does, because I don’t think they’ve sat down and read through all of his anti-gay, anti-Semitic and anti-black diatribes on Nazi websites.

I know a bit about Awan now; but by the time we’re through, I think I’m going to know an awful lot more about him — and about the bigoted Canadian Islamic Congress for which he acted as their youth president.

I’m going to learn about it — and so will you. So will the country, through hundreds of blog posts, newspaper articles, radio interviews and, eventually, a trial.

This probably isn’t what I’d choose to do with my spare time, if I were left to my own devices. Khurrum Awan just isn’t that interesting to me. But it’s not really up to me, is it? He’s the one doing the suing. But once he formally engages me — once he locks us into a formal process — well then, I’m going to find him very, very interesting.

Defamation’s a funny kind of lawsuit, because it’s all about the reputation of the plaintiff. Every thing they’ve said and done goes to the value of their reputation. Every lie they’ve told, every dishonourable thing they’ve done — that’s all relevant, because it goes to damages. None of us is a saint; none of us would lightly submit to a public inspection of everything we’ve said and done. For Khurrum Awan — someone who has spent years with an overtly anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist organization like the CIC, under the leadership of an out-and-out anti-Semite like Mohamed Elmasry? Well, I’d say young Khurrum’s libel notice is the longest suicide note I’ve ever read.

Question: if he proceeds with his suit, two years from now do you think Awan’s and the CIC’s reputation will be stronger or weaker? After going through document discovery and cross-examination, do you think Awan and the CIC will be more or less reputable in the public eye?

I don’t know for sure — I haven’t yet seen their internal documents. But I’m guessing that if they’re anything like Jennifer Lynch’s dirty laundry, the CIC will become even more denormalized and marginalized than they are now.

If that’s the outcome — and if I can deploy my own stubbornness, noisiness and prolixity to that goal — why then, dear reader, being sued by Awan is perhaps the most effective way I can fight against the spread of radical Islam in Canada.

And that’s something I welcome.

Read the whole thing here.

We welcome it too, Ezra.

Second, in a follow-up to the story of the Court of Queen’s Bench decision in support of the Saskatchewan HRC’s ruling against marriage commissioner Orville Nichols, I believe that I missed the report on the story which appeared in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. So here it is: Court reaffirms finding that marriage commissioner discriminated against same-sex couple. Although, really, it just looks like the same article which appeared in the Leader-Post. Might as well be thorough about it, I guess.

Third, I thought I would point you toward a few blog posts and suchlike that I may have missed before, and which are now probably a bit dated, but which I’d still like to direct your attention toward:

Just Right: Jennifer Lynch on the war path. Keeping an “enemies” file.

Darcy Meyers’ Blog: Response To Jennifer Lynch

Unambiguously Ambidextrous: The CHRC Defenders Of Censorship, and The Orwellian Words Of A Stalinist   Kommissar.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure updates are sure to come.


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