It’s here, it’s here!

[ UPDATE: Welcome Five Feet of Fury readers! ]

Well, today, after taking a nap that started in the morning and lasted ’till late afternoon ( to be fair, I was up for most of the night ), I woke up to find a piece of mail that I hadn’t been expecting at all: the Lynch List itself; Jennifer Lynch’s list, a supposed enemies list, 1001 entries long.

For those of you who are wondering what this is all about, it all started with a piece in the National Post, by Joseph Brean, who had taken the time to talk to Jennifer Lynch and get some of her thoughts on the whole ‘let’s scrap the HRCs’ debate. Jennifer was, of course, her usual defensive self, but one interesting factoid slipped out during the article – a couple, in fact, but one in particular: there was a list of, she approximated, 800-1200 names of the critics of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, as compiled by the CHRC itself ( whether this last had been compiled by Jennifer Lynch, or by somebody in the bowels of the CHRC’s rather impressively fortifiedHQ, is unknown ). After this revelation, a small group, of bloggers mainly, wanted to know who’d made the cut, and what was it exactly that was contained in that list?  Blazing Cat Fur suggestedthat some of these bloggers put their money where their mouth is, and file a request under the Freedom of Information act to get a copy of the list – I wasone of the bloggers who did so.

It took, oh, probably a month, month-and-a-half, two months – something along those lines – with two mini-updates along the way, but today the quest, such as it was, has ended: I’ve got my hands on the list.*

And I must say, it’s rather disappointing**. And not just because I’m not in it.

To be honest, Jennifer’s list, the supposed Enemies list, although impressive in its own right, reads more like a collection of media and press mentions than anything else. Indeed, it mentions letters to the editor, editorials, media reports, and the like – although it references very few blogs. I saw no mention of Blazing Cat Fur, Five Feet of Fury, Ezra Levant’s site – you know, the usual suspects. And it’s not as if Jennifer Lynch isn’t aware of these sites. So I think it’s safe the say that this list – or at least the list which I received – is not nearly so personal as some may have thought. It reads more like a ‘media’ file such as many companies and organizations have compiled than anything else.

But that being said, it’s still a rather impressive collection of names and media mentions. 1001 entries, references to pieces penned by all manner of authors ( although only some of the list’s entries contained the name of the author ). There were, among many others, articles by Paul Schneidereit, Ezra Levant, Nigel Hannaford, Jesse Ferreras, Rob Breakenridge, Naomi Lakritz, Andrew Potter, Jonathan Kay, David Warren, John Carpay, George Jonas, my pal Byron Tau, and, of course, Mark Steyn, in articles ranging from the pages of the Chronicle-Herald, the National Post, the Toronto Star, Macleans’, and The Calgary Herald, to the pages of the Red Deer Advocate( I even saw an article by AHRCC complainantDarren Lund in there ). And of course, there were many more. I even saw an entry mentioning the far-right-wing website

And this list does raise two, I think, very important questions.

Number one: what are the details behind this list? Who compiled this list of 1001 entries – 49 pages worth? Was it part-time? Was it full-time? Was it on the public dime or during off-hours? Was it compiled by Jennifer Lynch, or by another member of the CHRC, or by whoever wished to add an entry? Is this list still being added to? And for what purpose? 

Two, and I think more importantly: how is it that Jennifer Lynch and her subordinates at the Canadian Human Rights Commission could compile this list, almost painstakingly going through literally hundreds of media mentions and critical editorials and letters-to-the-editor of newspapers and publications across the nation, and still remain so obtuse about the debate, and why it is that we’re even having the debate in the first place? How? How is that possible?

It is obvious that Jennifer knows the direct reasons for the criticism of her commission. It is obvious that she must be aware of the scope and span of that criticism, of the wide range of forums for those opinions. She has to know. And so why the seeming surprise and shock at those criticisms being leveled at her, their ‘chill’? Why continue in her side of the debate as she has? She has the knowledge. She has access to the same information as everybody else. Surely she isn’t so willfully blind as to deny or denounce them; although perhaps if she is, it might validate one of my previous theories.

A final thought: if, as it has been suggested and appears, this list is merely a list of media mentions, why does it collect the good mentions with the bad? Wouldn’t the purpose of a media file, for all intents and purposes, be to sort of boost the ego and make the employees of the CHRC feel good about the job that they’re doing? And if the purpose of including these negative mentions, as it might be for another organization, is to provide incentive to do a better job and improve upon mistakes and failings, why is that the CHRC continues down its path of disastrous behavior? None of this seems to make much sense; not that I should be particularly surprised.

*There remains, of course, the possibility that what I have received is not, in fact, the list that Jennifer Lynch was referring to, in which case I’ve either been had, or it was a genuine mistake on the part of the CHRC’s information liaison. If this is the case, then I suppose we may find out in the future that there was, indeed, a real Nixonian enemies list, and if that happens, then I hope to find out about it.

Also, if there are any other writers or bloggers who have filed FOI requests, and the results of their query have been different from mine, I would very much appreciate hearing about it.

**There are 49 pages, all of them much the same, but if I remember to, I’ll try and scan a few of them in the future and upload them, although they are supposedly confidential documents.


47 Responses to It’s here, it’s here!

  1. I’m disappointed I’m not on it too. However, that article was, I hope, the one I wrote for them about the HRCs. We live in hope!

  2. Here’s the article mentioned in the list: ‘The Hate Crimes Prevention Bill: Why Do Jewish Organizations Support It?’ ( )

    Sorry Kathy, it looks like it was written by some dude named Kevin McDonald.

  3. Whoops: “The Hate Crimes Prevention Bill: Why Do Jewish Organizations Support It?”

    By the way – many thanks for the link!

  4. Frank says:


    David Letterman’s hate is as old as some ancient Hebrew prophets.
    Speaking of anti-Semitism, it’s Jerry Falwell and other fundy leaders who’ve gleefully predicted that in the future EVERY nation will be against Israel (an international first?) and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed, right?
    Wrong! It’s the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who predicted all this in the 13th and 14th chapters of his book! The last prophet, Malachi, explains the reason for this future Holocaust that’ll outdo even Hitler’s by stating that “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this” and asks “Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the recent filthy, hate-filled, back-stabbing tirades by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard and Kathy Griffin) against a leading evangelical named Sarah Palin, and explain why most Jewish leaders have seemingly condoned Palin’s continuing “crucifixion”!
    While David, Sandra, and Kathy are tragically turning comedy into tragedy, they are also helping to speed up and fulfill the Final Holocaust a la Zechariah and Malachi, thus helping to make the Bible even more believable!
    (For even more stunning information, visit MSN and other engines and type in “Separation of Raunch and State,” “Michael the Narc-Angel,” “Bible Verses Obama Avoids,” and “Tribulation Index becomes Rapture Index.”)

  5. Jay Currie says:


    Given Lynch’s comment one would have thought the CHRC’s daily visit(s) to my site would have yielded a mention.

    What I wonder about is the possibility that there are a couple of files. Lynch mentioned 1200 items and revised to hundreds in her NP interview.

    The MSM nature of the list you we given suggests, strongly, that there is another list which covers blogs. Or there isn’t and the people dropping by my site from the CHRC are just trolling to pass the time.

    • Hmm… – that’s a very interesting possibility. I’ll be interested to see if anybody else’s request has yielded similar results to mine, or results more along the lines of what you mentioned.

  6. Walker what specifically did you ask in your access to information request?

    • I think it was this:

      “Jennifer Lynch’s list of approximately several hundred, 1200 names, of critics, both in the blogs and the mainstream media, of the CHRC’s activities. The names on this list refer, apparently, to those who have engaged in “misinformation, gross distortions” and “caricaturizations”. This list was referred to by Jennifer Lynch is an article by Joseph Brean in the National Post, Monday, June 22nd, entitled “Canadians Misinformed” on hate speech”.

  7. Kevin says:

    At the very least, it’s a good starter bibliography for anyone who wants to come up to speed on the issue!

    In my experience with FOI requests (somewhat limited,) I don’t think there should be any limitation on you publishing what you’ve received. DOn’t take this as legal advice, but that’s my understanding. I would love to see someone publish the list.

  8. Oooh! Am I on it? I hope the HRCs have been reading the Catholic Register. Hmm…or do I?

  9. AMG says:

    You shouldn’t worry about releasing this information. If it was unrealeasable under the Access to Information Act, they would not have released it. Once it’s in your possession, you can paper the local bus shelter with it. The govt. would prefer you didn’t, but once it’s out there, it is out there…

    By the way, I deal with Federal & Provincial Access/Privacy acts every day. That’s the way the Acts roll…

  10. Ti-Guy says:

    I’m disappointed too. Fascist/racist web sites like Five Feet of Fury would be in my documentation file. This is all published media.

  11. What esteemed company to find oneself among.

  12. Fascist is as fascist does, Ti-Guy.

  13. Hi Walker,

    I published an op-ed in the Toledo Blade about Ezra and the human rights commissions. It’s a pretty minor paper, but I’d be curious to know if I made Lynch’s list.

    • Hi Terrence,

      I’d have to check – although I do seem to remember an entry for a post on the Shotgun Blog. I’m going to try to scan and upload the list, maybe this weekend, when I have time, and that way people can check to see if they recognize their name on the list.

    • Ok – I’ve checked. Sorry Terrence, I didn’t see it – although it’s possible that I missed it.

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  15. Jack Ellis says:

    The US Senate just passed a Federal Hate Crimes Bill in the good old USA – politically correct, cultural marxism to the max. Despite lots of assurances that this bill will not effect free speech, most people in the know here in the States expect Canadian Style/EU Style Human Rights Commissions to persecute citizens who say, write or think something offensive to official PC Victim groups Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lists the main PC victim groups as:

    The Disabled

    (PC politics makes strange bedfellows – as Gays and Muslims are presented as allied victims of American “hate”)

    I would like to hear from, correspond with Canadians who have years of experience dealing with Hate Crime/Hate Speech laws, Human Rights Commissions etc.

    What’s it like?

    How to regular Canadians handle this stuff?

    We have two new videos on the deceptions of the American Hate Crime Bill – please note where Attorney General Eric Holder comes out and admits that these laws will not protect all Americans, only certain historic victim groups.

    Best regards to all the good folks in Canada

    Jack Ellis

    • Kevin Kindred says:

      Hey there. The “hate crimes” issue in Canada is different from the “hate speech” issue, though it’s easy to get the two confused.

      “Hate crimes” are really crimes of violence where hatred of a specific group is demonstrated to be a motivating factor for the crime. In Canada, there’s no special “hate crimes” law. But whenever a crime is committed, the Criminal Code lists factors that judges are to consider in coming up with a sentence, and hatred of a specific group is one of those factors.

      There aren’t many high profile “hate crimes” cases. I can think of a handful of gay-bashing type cases where the issue came up. It’s hard to really assess the impact, because it’s just one of many factors that goes into determining a sentence.

      Again, it’s a totally separate issue from the human rights commissions debate that’s getting a lot of profile right now.

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  19. […] say for sure there is a list of state enemies but it could leave that impression. A blog name The Lynch Mob has a copy of the list but what has been released so far is mostly from the mainstream media, no […]

  20. Rebekah says:

    Linkback from

    So… we overreacted. Well, we’re big kids and can say we’re sorry. Or if not sorry, we can at least admit that we weren’t targeting the HRC for the right thing. This time.

  21. Jay Currie says:

    Rebekah, I don’t think we over reacted. We reacted when a functionary said she had a list of people who were publishing things she characterized as lies and distortions.

    The list supplied to walker was a standard media file. Were there lies and distortions? Good question. We’ll have to look more closely. given Lynch’s record of just making stuff up it is pretty much anybody’s guess.

    Now, is it the only list? Again, a good question. Under what authority was it compiled, who had access to it, was it circulated to the Commissioners, who paid for it? All good questions. Were there comments on the articles and posts?

    FOI requests often take a couple of rounds and a good deal of precision in the questions.

    This is all ammunition. Once the list has been published, a group of us can track down the references and see if Lynch was telling the truth about lies and distoritions. And then, when she goes before Parliament to defend her loony report, we can offer our information to the MPs and other witnesses.

    To get s. 13 repealed is not easy and it will not be done in a day. Pushing back against Lynch whenever she sticks her coward’s head above the parapet is all part of the effort. Let’s face it, the woman is terrified to debate Ezra or Mark and unwilling to appear before Parliament. S. 13 proceedings have all but stopped as the CHRC desperately tries to lower profile and has, miraculously, rediscovered the incredibly narrow scope afforded to it by Taylor.

    We’re winning, Lynch is losing, the CHRC’s ability to take away our s.2 freedom of expression rights is, slowly, being destroyed. Soon it will be repealed.

    • Kevin Kindred says:

      Sorry, but you did overreact. The day this story blew up, there were several of us on this blog arguing that her comments could only be interpreted as referring to a media clippings file–exactly what turned out to be the case. You had to go out of your way to look for something nefarious in her words. And most of you did.

      Frankly, none of your supposed “good questions” are all that good or interesting. This has the feel of a conspiracy theory that’s been thoroughly debunked–now you’re determined to either reject the evidence (“there must be another list”) or else find something nefarious in the wreckage.

      It’s important to recognize this overreaction. It’s symptomatic, unfortunately, of what’s going on with this debate. This is just one of the perverse spun facts and distortions of reality that this segment of the blogosphere has been eager to lap up as gospel.

      Could we explore another example? You say Lynch has a “record of just making stuff up.” And you don’t mean in some hyperbolic way that you disagree with her policy position on the issue. You mean that she cannot be trusted to honestly answer questions and relay facts. What exactly is this record? Ezra Levant has called her a liar so many times, and backs it up by saying basically “She’s a liar because I demonstrated her to be a liar.”

      Can you tell me exactly what you mean by her record of making stuff up? I suspect that if we look at all the examples you provide, we’ll find a lot of distortions that have just been lapped up as truth.

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  23. Buy says:

    yeh right.. great post, Thank You

  24. Dirnov says:

    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

  25. Pett says: – da best. Keep it going!

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