It’s here! part two: the aftermath

Well, since my post last night on the findings of my FOI request to the CHRC, some among the blogosphere have been kind enough to link to me and send traffic my way, which is much appreciated. I will admit to tipping off some of these bloggers, but I’m shameless like that.

First off, my blogging pal Mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog writes about the results: The Lynch Sinners List- Disappointment:

Walker Morrow over at the Lynch List did a Freedom of Information Request to find out about the Great Lynch’s list of 1,200 miscreants who have been harassing the Canadian HRC mercilessly, and chilling their rights to chill us first. Good and dogged work by our intrepid young friend, and good writing to Five Feet of Fury was justifiably … well Furious, but diminutively so, to be left off. Not a Twitter, nary a peep, not a mention.

Turns out it was “much ado about nothing”, or it is a misdirection. Anyway, friend Walker writes about it

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn got mentioned on the list but for articles that they had written, but so had several others … for articles. No blogs on the list. Must be another list.

Heck, Darren Lund made the list for something he wrote to the Red Deer Advocate, which of course would have been a piece about how justice prevails in Alberta and what a good boy I am for bringing the evil Pastor Boissoin to justice for writing THE LETTER. Don’t get me started on that one today.

Read it all here.

Second off, BigCityLib thinks it’s all just a load of conspiracy theories:

The comments are also a hoot, as the Speechy Gang laments the fact they haven’t made the cut as enemies of the state after trying soooo hard.

Don’t worry kids. You’ll find another conspiracy theory. Obama is still black and– some people say–not even American.

Charming. And rather rich, coming from the guy who not too long ago was a proponent of the theory that a mainstream columnist had forged an entire book by the Ayatollah Khomeini, in order to not only quote at length from that book in mainstream publications to stir up flagrant Islamophobia with images of bestial sexual practices, but also to one-up a Ryerson journalism professor. Oh, and it’s also a bit rich coming from the guy who, when confronted with the patent untruth of his theory, has resorted to making penis jokes about the aforementioned columnist ever since.

But anyway.

Jesse Ferreras, meanwhile, has something to be excited about: I’m on the list!:

Her response to criticism is denial and insult. It’s a mighty unprofessional way to deal with people who are holding her commission accountable for posting anti-Semitic content online and undermining the public right to free speech. I doubt she knew that any of this was happening, and I doubt even further that she did anything to atone for it.

A message to the Harper government: Fire. Her. Now.

Read the whole post here.

Also, thanks to Kathy Shaidle over at Five Feet Of Fury for linking to The Lynch Mob – I appreciate the traffic – and to any others who may have linked to this site who I have not mentioned so far. Many thanks. You make this worthwhile.

2 Responses to It’s here! part two: the aftermath

  1. Contrary to BCL’s silly spin the point of the access to information requests was to determine if the CHRC had gathered personal information on individual bloggers, that they collected a media list and whether one’s own posts made the list was not the point. Your enquiry asked only for the contents of the list, not about your personal data.

  2. Oh – that’s a good point, BCF. I suppose I could always make another request for that information as well – if there is any.

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