Today’s Lynch List

Well, it’s that time of day again, for me to talk about all the people who have been talking about Jennifer Lynch and her wondrous multi-color commission, with gratuitous mention of the various other commissions and commissioners currently mucking about in the Dominion.

first off, the BC Human Rights Tribunal sees its way through another murky case of mistaken salami. From the Vancouver Sun: Muslim couple file human rights beef over Superstore salami:

METRO VANCOUVER – There’s no meat in a Muslim couple’s beef about the salami at a Coquitlam Real Canadian Superstore, B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal ruled earlier this week.

The couple, William and Micheline Issa, filed a complaint with the tribunal on behalf of themselves and their three children, saying the store served them salami containing pork a year ago.

The couple said they eat only 100-per cent beef salami, as consuming pork would violate their religious beliefs.

BC Human Rights Tribunal Chair Heather McNaughton dismissed the complaint, ruling, in part, that it wouldn’t likely succeed.

A deli assistant admitted she mistakenly served salami that contained pork but said the couple told them of the error before receiving the salami.

The Issas concurred but said said in the complaint that they were concerned they had previously been served salami containing pork.

Loblaws, which owns the store, had offered to settle the complaint by paying the couple $5,000 for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect, and giving another $5,000 to a charity of the couple’s choice.

But the couple proceeded with the complaint.

That “reasonable” settlement, the fact that the deli assisant merely made an error and the lack of proof that the family was previously served pork salami led the tribunal chair to dismiss the complaint.

One other fact didn’t help the couple: “They continue to shop at the Superstore and to purchase all-beef salami from the Deli,” the chair wrote.

Read the whole thing here. More at Blazing Cat Fur.

Second, the boys at Stormfront are at it again. From Anti-Racist Canada:

Well never you fear speechies. There is, in fact, at least one enemies list that has been created. This list contains names, photographs, email addresses, work and home addresses, phone numbers, and a great deal of other information.
And where can you find this enemies list?

The hate website Stormfront

Ms. Lynch and a host of other CHRT and CHRC members, both past and present, are listed here. The check marks signify that information has been gathered and posted on the site. In addition to the publicized professional and personal information, other Stormfront members have posted comments. A selection:

….It’s already been conceded by our government that employment equity is the unequal treatment of Whites. The government has has to take the position that White males are less equal than other people or else employment equity would be unfair.….

….This database will be valuable when they truth comes out and all of the criminals can have their day in a REAL court for the violation of our right to free speech, and the expression therein….

….She believes that “not accepting diversity” is tantamount to hate. She believes the refusal of any indentifiable groups into our communities is hate as well. Therefore, your freedom of expression to oppose your community being flooded by AIDS infested Africans are outweighed by the right of those AIDS infested immigrants to live without “hate”. Therefore, your opposing this suicidal immigration policy will result in you being punished by the CHRC/CHRT….

….People with the last name “******” are allegedly direct descendants of Muhammed. So we know she’s a race traitor.

And so on. OdinPatrick even later references, “The Lynch Mob” blog and the alleged Jennifer Lynch enemies list that doesn’t exist:

Read it all here. H/t to BigCityLib.

I guess it’s a good thing that The Lynch Mob is becoming so profilic. I just wish it were in different circles…

Third, B’nai Brith speaks up in a press release from their site:  B’nai Brith Canada Criticizes Anti-Israel Group Over Frivolous Human Rights Complaint:

Posted On 08/07/09
B’nai Brith Canada Criticizes Anti-Israel Group Over Frivolous Human Rights Complaint

TORONTO, August 7, 2009 – B’nai Brith Canada strongly condemns the Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) – Carleton University for following in the footsteps of other anti-Israel entities in abusing Canada’s Human Rights Tribunals and Commissions with another frivolous complaint. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario recently agreed to mediate between the SAIA chapter and Carleton University over events that took place earlier this year, when the University used its good judgment to insist on the removal of an offensive antisemitic poster. The poster, which the SAIA group had put up as advertisement for Israel Apartheid Week, modernized the medieval blood libel accusing the Jews of murdering innocent children.

“The poster that this SAIA chapter put up was an affront and an offense to every person of goodwill,” said Frank Dimant, Executive Vice President of B’nai Brith Canada. “The university was truly justified in using its good judgment to ensure the poster’s removal.

“It is obvious that this maneuver to involve the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario is part of a new strategy being employed by those who wish to create a ‘legal chill.’ This new strategy is being propagated by those groups that cross the line from legitimate criticism of a democratic Israel to promoting propaganda against the Jewish State and, by extension, the Jewish people.

“We have recently seen other cases here in Canada which exemplify this new strategy of intimidation through ‘legal chill’: there was an attempt to muzzle Maclean’s magazine, the Western Standard and Ezra Levant were dragged through tribunal hearings, and B’nai Brith Canada, for a period of five years, had to defend itself against a frivolous charge lodged with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. In all of these cases, the charges were either withdrawn or the defendants won, but only after an enormous cost in terms of dollars and human resources.

“Serious reform is necessary to ensure the viability of our Human Rights Tribunals and Commissions. Canadians who believe in standing up for human rights should really be concerned that these types of frivolous complaints keep wasting valuable resources that could otherwise be spent fighting genuine human rights violations.”



Read it here. Sounds all well and good, doesn’t it? But, as Scaramouche notes:

See, it wasn’t supposed to work that way. The way it was supposed to work was that Jews would be able to lodge complaints about “Nazis,” but Jew-haters wouldn’t be to be able to gripe about Jews–in other words, censorship for me, not thee. Not in their wildest dreams did the Official Jews ever imagine that the very system they worked so hard to set up and in which they placed so much stock would end up being used against them by their enemies. And, further, that in Pierre’s Trudeaupia the state wouldn’t lift a finger to defend them against these particular Jew-haters, since they belong to one of Canada’s designated victim groups, and, apart from that, our timourous authorities don’t want to mess with them.
Had the O.J.s resolved to toughen up and back free speech instead of state censorship way back when, these “rights” tribunals wouldn’t be fielding such complaints today. The fact that, despite everything that’s happened, the B’nai Brith still believes the system can be tweaked such that the Islamists’ “frivolous” complaints will be ignored while the Jews’ “valid” complaints will be entertained shows how out absurdly of touch with reality–dare one call it a type of derangement?–Frank Dimant and his posse really are.
Mark Steyn agrees:
Exactly right. Aside from anything else, Mr Dimant’s objection to anyone else getting in on their racket tends to validate the whines of Islamists and white “supremacists” alike that the “human rights” commissions are a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Jewish Conspiracy. Students Against Israeli Apartheid is a revolting group and its poster is repellent. But, as a matter of law, it’s hard to see why SAIA’s complaint is any more “frivolous” than those with which B’nai Brith has been involved. I sat a few feet from the B’nai Brith lawyer at the Marc Lemire hearing in Ottawa, the umpteenth stage in a case that’s been dragged out for years. Why is that not “legal chill”?

B’nai Brith weren’t the first on the bandwagon, and haven’t been as zealous in their pursuit of “frivolities” as the Canadian Jewish Congress and Richard Warman. But they were the plaintiffs on what were only the second and third Section 13 complaints way back in 1989 and 1992, when they went to the CHRC over some no-name “Aryan nations” schlubs and “the Manitoba Knights of the Ku Klux Klan”, two groups of “white supremacists” so supremacist they couldn’t even afford legal representation. In a real court, impoverished defendants would be provided with a lawyer, but not here. In its rejection of procedural protections, Canada’s “human rights” system is, by definition, a form of “legal chill”, and B’nai Brith and the CJC have used it to wage “lawfare” against people they perceive as their enemies.

Of course, they weren’t their enemies – just a bunch of losers who can’t afford the fancypants lawyers B’nai Brith and the CJC fielded at the Lemire hearing. Instead, while the OJs were waging “lawfare” against nobodies, a new, pervasive, virulent Judenhass incubated and metastasized and became eminently respectable throughout North American universities, left-liberal media and virtually the entire European political class.

But Frank Dimant is the go-to guy if you think the real problem Jews face is all three penniless members of “the Manitoba Knights of the Ku Klux Klan”.

 More to come, I’m sure.


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