Jim Corcoran: Why the Secrecy?

In the latest instalment from the Northumberland Today with respect to Jim Corcoran’s complaint against the Catholic Church, we find another interesting aspect to this entire shakedown – that Corcoran wanted to keep everything under wraps.

[Corcoran] said that it was never his intention for the matter to become public and that someone leaked it to the Catholic Registrar(sic) who wrote an item for the religious publication.

When you publicly use the government apparatus to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and force others to humiliate themselves and say things they don’t believe, that’s called oppression. Nasty things might happen, like a grassroots campaigns to rectify the oppression, or financial support for the legal costs of your victims, allowing them to mount an annoyingly effective legal defence. All good reasons for Corcoran, and the Human Rights industry in general, to keep these complaints as quiet as possible.

When you do it in secret, it’s extortion. When you muzzle the defendant with actionable confidentiality clauses, it’s blackmail. And when you take up thousands of taxpayer dollars to fund a petty complaint, that becomes everybody’s business.

But, most of all, when you use the state to force your own will on the church, well, you’re in the company of a certain Sir Henry.

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[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog has a few comments on Scary’s original post on his blog, if you’re so inclined to check them out. ]


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