Lynching the help of lawyers

[ ED NOTE: Natasha from was kind enough to allow me to cross-post this article from her site. You can read the original here. ]

Jennifer Lynch, head Stasi of Canada’s HR inquisitions, is in Dublin on the taxpayers’ dime to plead for the help of the CBA lawyers attending the 2009 Canadian Legal Conference.

Read: Lawyers must come to aid of rights commissions, CBA told

Jennifer Lynch, head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission since 2007, told the Canadian Bar Association’s annual meeting that opponents of rights bodies have successfully created a “chill” that makes it difficult for anyone to defend those bodies without also becoming a target.

How does anyone defend the indefensible?

Mark Steyn has something to say about this naturally:

You picked this fight, lady. Not me. And you expected Ken Whyte and Ezra and me just to lie there and take it.

Exactly. The HR racket in this country expects its victims — those charged with human rights offences — to just “lie there and take it.” Boy, the nerve of Ezra, Steyn, and Whyte to actually stand up to these trough-feeding control freaks.

It must be nice to have the funds available to jet off to Dublin on a whim to whine to a bunch of lawyers. I’ll bet some of the HR racket’s victims wish they had that kind of money at their disposal.

But, the problem with the HR racket in this country is they got too greedy. No longer content to go after a bunch of pimply-faced, basement-dwelling skinheads with little money, the HR racket decided to expand its reach and go after bigger fish like Ezra and Steyn — self-described loud mouths with connections. And, thanks to the Internet and YouTube, a way to reach even larger audiences.

The light of truth has been shone on the HR inquisition tactics; it’s too late for them to scurry, like cockroaches, for cover.


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