Today’s Lynch List

Well, it’s that time again, for me to talk about all the people who have been talking about Jennifer Lynch and her wondrous multi-colour commission, with gratuitous mention of the various other commissions and commissioners currently mucking about in the Dominion.

First off, more on Jennifer Lynch’s trip to Whine Country in Dublin, from Ezra Levant: They’re laughing at you in Dublin, Jennifer:

According to O’Neill’s report, Lynch went to Dublin not to promote human rights. She went there to save her own job, to further her shrill campaign of hatred and contempt against her political critics — especially bloggers like me.

Here’s the story; let’s go through it:

Earlier Saturday, Jennifer Lynch, head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, urged Canada’s legal community to help her defend federal, provincial and territorial human rights commissions and tribunals which she said are under attack by conservative critics.

Lynch engages in name-calling: free speech advocates, and proponents of the rule of law, are apparently “conservative”. Now, that’s not name-calling where I come from, but at the ultra-liberal CBA, it’s fighting words. At her Montreal rant against bloggers, Lynch used the phrase “far right”, which she surely thought would invoke the spectre of anti-Semites. You know, notorious Jew-haters like Ezra Isaac Levant.

That Lynch regards “conservative” as an epithet should be instructive to the Prime Minister’s Office. I think they missed Lynch’s personal track record of anti-Alberta, anti-conservative bigotry when they appointed her. And perhaps some people in Dublin were roused by it. But, simply put, I think many of the CBA lawyers probably just chuckled. For, other than noisy me and noisy Mark Steyn, who are the bulk of the critics of out-of-control HRCs? Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Alan Borovoy, forty-year boss of the labour-left Canadian Civil Liberties Association;
  • Egale, the powerful gay rights lobby;
  • The Canadian Association of Journalists;
  • PEN Canada, with its honourary patron, John Ralston Saul;
  • Every liberal newspaper editorial board in Canada from the Montreal Gazette to the Toronto Star to Eye Weekly;
  • Liberal MPs and Senators from Keith Martin to Jerry Grafstein;
  • Janet Keeping of the Chumir Foundation for Ethics.

To name just a few off the top of my head.

Next, and I’m relying on O’Neill’s wording, but I’ve heard Lynch say it many times: she never refers to “human rights” (let alone “civil rights”). She always talks about the importance of the “human rights system” or of the commissions and tribunals themselves. Not civil liberties; but bureaucrats.

The system is what’s valuable to her. Of course it is. It’s the system that pays her $300,000 a year, the system that sends her on junkets, that gives her a staff of 200, and that gives her 800 more well-paid allies in 13 other HRCs across the country. She’s strong on defending the system — she’ll do anything to defend it from accountability or reform, even when her own staff are revealed to be members of neo-Nazi organizations. It’s the system she cares about.

But I think that lawyers — even lefty lawyers at the CBA — actually care about real human rights. I think when they saw Lynch whine like a schoolboy about how tough it is to be in politics — do you think it’s easy to fly first class to Dublin!? — they probably thought: how did a thin-skinned child ever become trusted to run a 200-person commission? And if she doesn’t like the cut-and-thrust of debate, why doesn’t she just shut up and do her job?

And those lawyers who thought a little more probably thought: HRCs? Aren’t those the folks that have been in the news lately, trying to censor magazines and churches?

She told the CBA that opponents of rights bodies have successfully created a “chill” that makes it difficult for anyone to defend those bodies without also becoming a target.

A “chill”. A “target”. I know what those words mean. I was the target of three HRC complaints. To be targeted meant, in my case, to have fifteen government bureaucrats and lawyers bearing down on me for 900 days, to be forced to hire lawyers to defend myself, and to be falsely accused, in the name of the Queen, of being a racist. It meant being interrogated by government bureaucrats about my private political thoughts.

That’s what being targeted means. And that punitive process was meant to chill anyone else who had big ideas about speaking freely in a way that “offended” the political correctness of Lynch and her fellow commissars: watch out, or they will come to get you, and even if you “win”, you’ll lose time and money. Just ask seventy-something Fr. Alphonse de Valk, the Toronto priest who was investigated by Lynch for two years, before she dumped him on the side of the road with a $20,000 legal bill, but not even an apology.

Read the rest here. More on this from Blazing Cat Fur, Free Dominion, Big Blue Wave, Jay Currie, Scary Fundamentalist, Five Feet of Fury, and Mark Steyn, who has this to say: Forty shades of taxpayer green…:

…flew Jennifer Lynch, QC – or J-Ly –  to Dublin to give her self-serving whine. Ezra Levant figures you can get a round-trip for a little over a grand, but I wonder. Did she fly Air Canada to New York and then Aer Lingus to Dublin? Or did she fly to Heathrow and take the British Midland shuttle to Dublin? The Aer Lingus London-Dublin flights are coach only, so Canadian taxpayers could have got a comparative bargain on that leg of the flight. (I’ll be there myself in a day or two.) But it’s hard to see anything she said in the speech as reported that justifies the outlay of public monies to fly her across the Atlantic.

Scaramouche has more, as does Blazing Cat Fur – and don’t forget, this is an especially good day to get Jennifer Lynch on your chest. 

Meanwhile, Scaramouche, in commenting on the story, has a song for the occasion:

A song for Jen’s Irish sojourn (on the taxpayers’ dime):

In Dublin’s fair city
There’s a junket so pretty
It attracted the likes of Ms. Jennifer Lynch.
As she flogged her dead pony
She spoke lots of baloney,
Crying, “Save me, ye lawyers, for I’ll never flinch.”…

Second, Jay Currie comments on my post written below on Jennifer Lynch’s travel expenses:

Over at the very valuable (and likely on a list somewhere) The Lynch Mob we have a brief summary of just how much time and money the Coward Lynch wasted taking planes to tell lies to nitwits. (And no, here present Irish excursion is no exception.)

And there I was thinking the Coward Lynch was too busy to fly as she defended the very existence of the CHRC – because no one else (like the Minister responsible) will.

Read it here. ( Hey, I’m allowed to do some vanity quoting, aren’t I? )

Third, Jim Corcoran writes in the Northumberland Today: Questioning the motives:

I shudder when sanctimonious “Christians” start quoting bits and pieces of scripture out of context to support their self-righteous positions. But, when they actually start to insert their own words into scripture, that really takes the cake. (The word homosexual does not exist in any version of the Bible that I’ve read).

Then there are those who prefer to use the “rules of the church” as their soap box. Let’s not forget, the “rules of the church” called people to task when they had the audacity to suggest the world was round, and that it was in orbit around the sun.

In setting my moral compass, I find asking the question “What would Jesus do?” is most helpful.

Unfortunately, the central point in this whole debate is being overlooked because no one is asking the most pertinent question: “What could possibly motivate one complainant to continue to conduct a campaign against the Bishop’s duly appointed pastor of Cobourg while he attends mass in Courtice?”

Jim Corcoran Grafton

Read it here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur, who comments:  

What would Jesus Do? Well he likely wouldn’t drag his Bishop and fellow parishoners through the hell of a human rights tribunal for starters.

Fourth, as Kathy Shaidle over at Five Feet Of Fury notes, it’s the last day of the ‘Be Mean To Jennifer Lynch’ T-shirt sale:

We might not be able to write brutal put-downs a la Steyn and Levant, but we can do our part to make Jennifer Lynch’s life even more miserable by wearing mean, mocking t-shirts with her name all over them!

All week, Alex at has donated $5 from every shirt sold to the Freedom Five legal defence fund.

(You can listen to his interview with Wendy Sullivan about the t-shirt contest, the ensuing “battle of the boobs” and more, at an all-new edition of the BrassBallsBoobsRadio podcast.)

That special offer ENDS at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

So visit and pick up the t-shirt of your choice — FREE shipping across the U.S. and Canada.

Read it all here.

More to come, I’m sure.


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