A Poet Runs an HRC

If I Ran an HRC/HRT

[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog was kind enough to allow me to cross-post this article from his blog. You can read the original here. ]

If ever my turn came around,
As strange as that may sound,
To run an HRC or HRT.
It couldn’t be the same,
I’m not into that game.
I’d do it differently.

The first thing I’d want
Is for Complainants to file bonds.
No skin in the game is absurd.
The next thing I’d do
Get rid of all bleeding hearts too
No left leaning liberals riding herd.

Legal services for each
Complainant, Respondent. I’m a peach.
No discrimination gonna be happening here.
But, loser pays it all.
On costs and fines he takes the fall.
That’s a real kick in the rear.

If you can’t make it real
With true facts, not “I feel”.
We’re not going far with you.
Cause you’re going to lose
With your BS on your shoes,
And a certified check for our costs, thank you.

Decisions on facts
No facts. Get the Axe.
Kick nonsense claims out the door.
This is Canada, folks
Too many complaints are sick jokes.
We’re not playing that game anymore.

We investigate both sides
Tear the truth from your hides
Cause this ain’t likely just about race.
You better come clean
Or we’re gonna get mean.
Then, we’re gonna get into your face.

Gays might make a claim
They’ve been hurt and defamed.
If so, we’ll look deep into that.
But we’ll look at both parts,
And look deep in their hearts,
Not just pull a “Yes” from our hat.

I must confess
I am tired of this mess.
I want HRCs to deal with real stuff.
Not fake human rights
With just white folks in the sights,
Someone has to say “Enough is enough.”


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