A brief announcement

Hello, faithful readers.

This is just to let you know that, as of today, I am leaving for about three weeks on holidays. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try my best to update this fine site whenever I can, but it does mean that my postings are probably going to be more sporadic. Perhaps ( hint, hint ), some of the other contributors will be able to step in to fill the void – I’ll certainly do my best to keep on top of all of that, too.

Also, over the next couple of days, I’m probably going to be the equivalent of offline ( in blogging terms, at least, although I’ll probably still be responding to email ), and so even though I’m updating the site early today, there may not be new content for a day or so. I’ll try and come back with a vengeance if I can though.

Meanwhile, it looks like I’ll be in town when Stephen Boissoin has his appeal of the AHRCC’s ruling against him brought before the Court of Queen’s Bench, in Calgary. If it’s even possible for me to get in, I’ll try, and I’ll try to write it up as best I can.

But, in the meantime,



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