Today’s ( early ) Lynch List

I am writing this in the dead of night, because I’ll be travelling tomorrow. How’s that for dedication, huh?

Our first, and only major story: more on the CHRC’s decision vis a vis Air Canada and mandatory retirement, from the Chronicle Herald: Lawyer: Pilots’ fight against forced retirement may affect others:

By Lindsey Wiebe

WINNIPEG — A lawyer involved in the case says there could be implications for other federally-regulated industries after a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favour of two Air Canada pilots fighting mandatory retirement.

Pilots George Vilven and Robert Neil Kelly complained they were being forced to retire at 60, a measure they felt was discriminatory.

“It’s a pretty significant decision,” said Raymond Hall, a lawyer, who is also a retired Air Canada pilot in Winnipeg.

Vilven and Kelly were both forced to retire from their jobs with the airline when they turned 60 and decided to take their fight to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which reviews discrimination complaints for employees who fall under federal jurisdiction. Both were referred to the tribunal.

The tribunal initially rejected their complaints and the case ended up in the Federal Court of Canada.

Hall said the court determined that mandatory retirement was a breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It sent the case back to the tribunal to see if the breach could be reasonably justified. The tribunal found otherwise, and decided Air Canada could not justify the policy.

A spokesperson for Air Canada said the company was studying the decision and could not comment until a review had been completed.

Read it all here. H/t to Diamond Pilots. Also covered, including a soundbyte, by Manitoba’s CJOB 68.

Finally, Islam on Trial; the ‘ministrations of the Canadian Political Correctness Police’; upcoming events; and is it anti-semitism?


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