This Disability Thing Allows Me to Get Away With Everything

Another inane complaint about discrimination on the basis of disability:

A food store refused to serve a customer because he was carrying a dog – a teacup chihuahua. Apparently, the dog is a “service dog”, to help the complainant deal with his depression.

A complaint has been filed with – you guessed it – the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. The defendants have sacrificed considerable time and money to fight this, even giving up their business partly due to the stress of this complaint. They could have mediated a settlement, giving the guy a few thousand dollars to make him go away, but decided to fight for a higher principle (where have I heard that before). They don’t want anyone else to be victim to this sort of highway robbery.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” Keith Rouble, who owned the store, said. “We want to end this for every food business in town.”

I’m sure the OHRT won’t consider the fact that the complainant was belligerent and aggressive. That kind of stuff only applies to cops.

I’m sure the OHRT won’t care about the possibility that dogs present a sanitation risk to public food establishments.

And I’m sure the OHRT won’t care that this guy is a professional complainer. I mean, more business means more work, which means a bigger budget for the OHRT, right?

And, finally, I’m sure the OHRT doesn’t care about the costs incurred by the Roubles, the real victims in all of this.

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