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First off, BigCityLib comments on Rob Nicholson’s appointment of a new head to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal:

Ms. Chotalia is an fascinating choice, given the current state of the Speechy conflict. For one thing, in 2003 she was one of the three member CHRT panel that oversaw Richard Warman’s very first Section 13 complaint (Richard Warman and the CHRC vs. Fred Kyburz), which resulted in Warman’s being awarded $30,000 for death threats made against him by the respondent. (As an aside, one of the witnesses called during proceedings was Karen Mock, a lawyer for B’nai Brith–among other things–and these days the Liberal Party candidate for Thornhill.) And in 2007, Ms. Chotalia attempted to convince Alberta’s Attorney General to press hate incitement charges against the diplomats at the Calgary Chinese Consulate for distributing anti-Falun Gong propaganda.

BUT: she has also spoke before the Chumir Ethics Foundation, who currently stand in opposition to section 13 and its provincial counterparts, although they have done so in a manner far more responsible than Ezra and the rest of his crew. And earlier, as a member of the Alberta’s Civil Liberties Association, she demanded “a clearer definition of what the RCMP can and cannot do during its investigations”.

An interesting resume, and proof I suppose that a real human life can straddle all sides of an issue.

Read it here.

Second, from No Apologies: Do you despise Canada’s “human rights” industry?

Hopefully you do because this industry represents affirmative action, special interests, hostility towards Christians and Christianity. Canada’s “human rights” industry has also been the chief tool in the arsenal of secularists (including homosexual activists) against Christians and against the Christian ethic of liberty.

A conversation I had yesterday drove home yet again how utterly naive most Canadians are and how oblivious even the nicest Christians are to the ominous and dangerous forces that mock God and want to crush Christians in this country.

If you don’t feel confident in your own ability to get the word out and communicate your concerns to others, you can use our resources to help you. The ECP Centre is selling three important books – “Shakedown, “The Tyranny of Nice” and “No Sacred Ground” – that expose the real threat to Christianity, to freedom of speech and to other liberties posed by Canada’s Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals.

You can purchase Ezra Levant’s best-seller, “Shakedown,” which tells his story of the outrageous “Shakedown” tactics used against him by Alberta’s “human rights” industry as well as the stories of many others who have been caught up in the “human rights” web.

Kathy Shaidle’s “Tyranny of Nice” packs a great deal of information into a very tightly written book. She and Pete Vere also discuss the totalitarian nature of Canada’s “human rights” industry, reviewing the history of the movement and recounting a number of the outrageous cases of persecuted Canadians.

Tim Bloedow’s book, “No Sacred Ground: ‘Human Rights’ Thought Police Clamping Down on Christians,” is about the Christian Horizons case in Ontario. Using this decision as a case study, Mr. Bloedow analyses the irrational and oppressive “human rights” mentality and the way this arbitrary ideology is exploited by favoured groups such as homosexual activists to force their enemies into submission.

Read the rest here.

Third, Denyse O’Leary of the Post-Darwinist blog writes: Intellectual freedom in Canada: Now the “human rights” industry wants to decide who should be altar servers:

As I have noted before, when government interferes with religion in the name of some generalized “human rights”, it always ends up establishing a religion, whether it wishes to or not. In this case, the “human rights” spokesfolks want to establish the United Church’s views rather than the Catholic Church’s views about who should serve at the altar, and – as with any question about what God is thought to want – I don’t see that it is any of the government’s business.

A church could decide that all altar servers must ride a skateboard while carrying out their duties. No doubt that discriminates against the wheels-challenged among us. But so? People who don’t like it are free to go to another church or to none. Or start their own denomination. That is why we have religious freedom in Canada. Or did. And will again, once we rid ourselves of these professional busybodies who have commandeered a budget for advancing supposed “human rights” – really just a cover for growing government interference in areas formerly protected by our ancient liberties and our constitution.

Read the whole thing here. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur. Meanwhile, you can read Denyse on Mark’s latest column in Macleans, smacking down Richard Warman, here.

Fourth, David Warren’s column on the Anthanasios Hadjis decision is now up on his website, if you’d like to give it a read.

Fifth, John Pacheco over at SoCon Or Bust writes about Bishop De Angelis’ pastoral letter in response to Jim Corcoran’s complaint before the Ontario HRT, and on why the OHRC needs to be kept on a short leash.

Sixth, in the memory of Larry Gelbart, the creator of M.A.S.H., Scaramouche writes:

In tribute to Gelbart, I am reprising my parody of that show’s opening number, written on the occasion of Mark Steyn’s prosecution by the British Columbia thought police (a kind of madness that makes the army’s Korean War-era lunacies depicted on M*A*S*H seem almost tame by comparison. Yes, I know the original lyrics are by Stephen Sondheim, not Gelbart, but I think you’ll understand when I say that writing parodies of books of Broadway musicals holds far less appeal.) Anyway, this one’s for you, Mr. Gelbart:
Something familiar,
Something peculiar,
Something Canadian:
A tragedy today!
Something appallin’,
Something like Stalin,
Something Canadian:
A tragedy today!
Nothing that’s free, nothing that’s fair.
Bring on the “nice” and jackanapes beware.
New situations,
Old complications,
Stuff that’s pathetic and outré;
Comedy tomorrow,
Tragedy today!
Something outrageous,
Something contagious,
Something Canadian:
A tragedy today!
Something Orwellian,
Something Canadian:
A tragedy today!
Nothing with truth, nothing makes sense.
Long as the show trial now can commence!
Nothing that’s formal,
Nothing that’s normal
No oaths to swear or to purvey;
Open up the courtroom:
Tragedy today!…
Nothing that’s Brit.
No Magna Cart’.
It’s more important to show we’ve got “heart”.
Business as usual!
Meant to confuse y’all!
Hundreds of bureaucrats at play!
Charlatans and shysters!
Marxists and spin-meisters!
Rulings and chastisements!
Cutting down to size-ments!
Words misconstrued!
No looking back, turn for the worse.
And there’s a crappy ending, of course!
Badness is goodness,
Right now our future’s underway!
Comedy tomorrow.
Tragedy today!<!– –>

Read it here.

Seventh, Binks writes, for Free Canuckistan:

~ IMAGINE, IF YOU WILL, that in all your dealings with me, I insisted that you love Scotland because I am of some Scots heritage. Not just pretend to love, or quietly approve of, but loudly and often, and that you want to laugh especially loud at Scottish humour and accents. You shall adore kilts and those puffy shirts, and Braveheart. Because: if you don’t love Scotland, the Scots, and all things Scottish, you hate me and all Scottishness. Och aye!

That’s where we seem to be when it comes to homosexual pride, and political correctness.

Fail to demonstrate the proper enthusiasm and ‘tolerance’, and you may face legal and HRC harrassment, public shame, violence, bankruptcy, years of your life ruined. Ask printer Scott Brockie (a speaker at the Halifax Free Speech Conference this month in Halifax), or BC teacher Chris Kempling, or Pastor Stephen Boissoin, or McGill Professor Margot Somerville, or the thought-criminals of St. Michael’s Parish in Cobourg, Ontario, now facing official government harrassment via a jerk who happens to be gay.

That’s the issue: modern same-sex group-think insists that gayitude is the be-all-and-end-all of a life. So militant same-sex activist and actor Ian McKellan goes all hatey on the church and those who oppose same-sexuality, insisting that in order to approve of him, we must ideologically approve of all he does in his private life. Sorry, but I think he’s a great actor. The rest? No thanks, whatever, and stop ripping bits out of the Bible and considering yourself a hero, Mmm-kay?

That’s not free-think, that’s tyranny-think. All shall approve of the party and express utter devotion to Dear Leader, no matter the living hell on earth the Glorious Monster has created.

As renegade liberal and lesbian Camille Paglia has warned us, there is more than a little fascism in modern same-sex politics. Or as Canadian John McKeller puts it (gay himself, he says) in his now-famous article “Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism“,

“The obscene contention made by most activists that constructive and rational opposition to sexual conduct is tantamount to anti-semitism or other forms of racism, is not only intellectually dishonest, but insultingly disrespectful to Blacks, Jews and other minorities. Discrimination against skin colour, ethnicity or religion is not wholly comparable to the complicated resistance of virtually all societies in history to open homosexuality, which involves thorny questions of morality and psychology. There has never been a gay leader remotely near the stature of Martin Luther King or Ghandi, both of whom drew upon the profound spiritual traditions of religion, to which gay political rhetoric has always been childishly hostile.”

It’s beyond ironic and short-sighted that the fascistic and Marxist ideology behind much modern same-sex victimology and self-identification led to the persecution and execution of gays in such left-wing regimes. Democracy and Christian love and mercy and forgiveness– as in Western civilization, where same-sexuality is tolerated– is the safest environment for people who choose same-sex behaviour. To adopt anti-Western/ Marxist ‘critical theory’ to then deconstruct sexual identity, society, marriage, the traditional family, and the Judaeo-Christian ethic is ultimately shrill, self-defeating, and destructively radical.

Identity politics and totalist group-think are always ugly, no matter who’s advocating it, or whatever the cause.

I know, I know– no matter how careful, thoughtful, or rational my ponderings above, I’m a mindless evil patriarchal white conservative racist hetero-breeder homophobe poopy-head dumb-face.

Just a FABulous Zeig Heil! there, comrades. ~

Read it here, and check out all of the wonderful linkage that Binks has put together, while you’re at it.

Finally, what’s a corrupt CHRC staffer to do?


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