You Think You Got It Bad?

If The Ontario HRC Won’t Get You the Ontario College of Teachers Might

[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog was kind enough to let me cross-post this article from his site. You can read the original here.

You know, in the light of Barbara’s apparent fetish for getting involved in councils, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see her involved in the decisions of the Ontario College of Teachers… ]

My wife was a teacher in the Ontario school system for many years, and she still gets the publication of the Ontario College of Teachers every month, called “professionally speaking”. It’s cool to use lower case in your title.

They have their own Discipline Committee, a 3 member panel, kind of like a Tribunal to “conduct public hearings into cases of alleged incompetence or professional misconduct.”

It says in the magazine that “If found guilty of professional misconduct or incompetence, a member’s certificate may be revoked, suspended or limited. In cases of professional misconduct only, the committee may also reprimand, admonish, or counsel the member, impose a fine, publish its order in Professionally Speaking or order the member to pay costs.”

Have any of you ever come across a really incompetent teacher that you wanted to either kick their rosy red ??? across the street, or do something? Well, maybe you can contact the OCT about them. Go to their web site at and see if you can. I don’t know. You can try emailing them at

On the other hand, you all know a teacher who busts his or her hump to make learning fun and good for the kids. Maybe you could contact them about him or her too. Hopefully, you’ll send more good news stories than bad news stories.

However, that is not my point. Like any well meaning tribunal with more power and interest in political correctness than makes sense to thinking people, they carry on with their task. They unfortunately have to adjudicate some pretty egregious behaviour, but not always.

Here is a case in point, and fortunately for the teacher involved, his name was left out of the report in the magazine. The man in question had been a teacher for 29 years. The good news for him is that after this nonsense, he is probably close to the retirement 85 factor (you can retire as a teacher in Ontario when your age and years of teaching total 85).

He coaches sports and committed the following very serious offences (not in my opinion):
1) brushed his foot against the buttocks of a girl during a basketball practice, probably to get her to go where he wanted her to.
2) tousled a young boy’s hair during a baseball game
3) put his hand on the shoulder of a female student while discussing a detention with her.
and 4) touched the back of a young girl during a dance practice to place her on her mark.

He was reprimanded, and required to take a course on appropriate boundaries and boundary violations.

In 29 years of exemplary conduct, this is what they zapped this poor guy for, basically for caring about the kids, and trying to reach them.

If Barbara Hall had gotten this at the Ontario HRC, she could have spent a lot of tax dollars fixing this guy’s little red wagon. If she gets wind of it now, she will probably try to set up a mechanism that allows her to Appeal OCT tribunal decisions to the OHRC, so she can get her pound of flesh out of them. Actually, I see a new special project for Barb’s Boys coming here. Better zip it.


3 Responses to You Think You Got It Bad?

  1. A. Burns says:

    This is another sad day at the Ontario College of Teachers. The same orgnaization who’s investigator admitted to withholding evidence from police because the alledgeed multiple sex offender had gotten married. Another, exposed by a CTF broadcast is one of the qualified teachers in Ontario who had put his penis and other body parts where it did not belong at least 5 times and still qualifies as an Ontario Teacher. The Ontario College of Teachers made up of special interest groups including unions should be ashamed of themselves. Teachers are forced to hear absolute nonsence they call evidence. The Canadian Charter of Rights does not apply at this witch hunt paid for by the Teaching profession. Only 3 % of teachers voted in the last election. Teachers are forced to pay the running of the disgarceful orgnaizatioin forced by the liberal government of Ontario. The union endorsed representives sit in judgement of non-endorsed members. Unions decide who get legal representation and then refuse to represent any one who speaks up. Shame on unions! Shame on a teaching profession who allows this absolute filth to continue year after year. Justice denied is justice denied! Children first not some agenda that stinks! Oh yes one administartor actually was not dicipolined for throwing dog shit at a student…. that says it all…

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  3. Jesse says:

    There are a growing number of child predators around on a daily basis in the Toronto District School Board in Canada.
    So, is it possible to spot a child predator teacher? Yes. But the TDSB cronies will deny the accusations and defend the pedophile.

    Many female sex offender teachers in the TDSB often offend where they won’t get caught — when they have misdirected people’s attention
    Often married or in relationships such as Mary Gowans and Tania Pontbriand.

    Female sex offenders are often women teachers who become sexual predators to fulfill their own needs such as when Kim Gervais
    was wearing sexualized clothing to entrap 12 year old boys into illegal oral sex at her home.

    Female teachers in Canadian society have been portrayed as victims, but somewhere within their victimisation they have learned that to abuse children gave teachers like Mary Gowans, Tania Pontbriand, Nathalie Champagne, Jennifer Mason and Kim Gervais a sense of power, control, agency, and therefore they use the abuse of children to gain those things.

    It was reported that top management of the Toronto District School Board wrote letters to court seeking leniency for ‘child predator’ teacher Mary Gowans after phone records revealed that Mary Gowans exchanged sexually charged messages to a 14 year old student.

    It shows that the Toronto District School Board defends the deviant teachers who use the teaching profession to groom, molest and sexually abuse students, which is despicable and should be condemned and seek a remedy. The TDSB needs to change their ways and desist from supporting predator teachers….

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