Is Richard Warman really as cold as all that?

In my wanderings, I happened to come across this: Warman v. Warman, before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Namely: Richard Warman versus Eldon Warman.

Now, surely our man Warman isn’t nearly so cold as to take one of his own family members on a kangaroo ride, is he? Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that they happen to share the same last name, but I’m curious.

Can anybody out there give me a hand? Does anybody know? I’d really like to find out.

[ UPDATE: Oh wait, never mind. Someone who knows such things has informed me that they’re of no relation. Too bad, too. That would have been a lot of fun if they were.

Feel free to read through the document anyway – there’s probably the odd interestign tidbit in there. ]


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