Men as Gods

Today, Binks gets up to his usual tricks over at Free Canuckistan with a fresh helping of many, many links that you should check out. Many thanks to him for linking to this humble site – it is truly appreciated. He also had something to say which I thought worth reprinting here:

Men As Gods

“What we have in two cases being deal with at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario is a case of the state trying to tell a church and a religious organization what to do and that is scary…”

~ Brian Lilley ~

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~ ITEM: We’re For Religious Liberty, We Just Can’t Admit It In Public

~ THE GOVERNMENT GIVETH? The worst notion of the many stupid notions floating about these days is the source of our nature, religious and personal freedoms, and truth is.. the government. This is top-downery at its worst.

Human freedom? It’s grounded in the infinite freedom of God himself, whose gift it is to his creatures. Family? Been around for millions of years, long before some idiot bureaucrat made it his or her busybody business. Morality? The idea of right and wrong is universal– though details may differ– and no society has ever praised or rewarded someone for being an inveterate liar or oath-breaker– again, grounded in the being of God. That is to say, God-given: resting upon no governmental authority, though various local and particular rules may apply within God’s good providence and the ordering of society for the good of everyone.

This is literally non-sense for the practical atheism of gov-uber-alles types, an even some church liberals, who want to force their churches to do what the government declares legal. This is to leave God out of the account, as if we are creatures of and for the government, and not sons and daughters of God, first and foremost, with inherent dignity, freedom, duties, and eternal destiny.

If all things are mediated by and given by government, then the government can also take away. Hence, we become mere children and creatures of the state, made in its image and likeness, as defined by our rulers, or even the tinpot twits of some ‘human rights’ outfit/ utopian cult.

That is Statism at it’s worst. The death of freedom, human nature, and all that is good about Canada.

Freedom of religion is not just another freedom– it’s THE freedom, the first freedom as I sometimes call it, the ground on which all the others stand, for it acknowledges the universality of first principles, and that all things are grounded in God, and our freedom to know, worship, proclaim, proseletyze, divine things.

As in a totalitarian state, it’s no surprise that the authorities find the seemingly irrational, unaccountable, and ultimate claims of Christianity and the church to be deeply threatening to the utopian goal; Shakespeare may have suggested that first we must kill all the lawyers, but in Nazi Germany and Soviet Europe, it was the clergy, leading Christian intellectuals and laypeople who got disappeared, imprisoned, and killed. Can’t have any of that disobedient ultimate authority floating around, right?

Official government attacks on religious freedom are as serious as a heart attack, with consequences just as deadly for the body politic, and a nation’s citizens.

Shame on Canada, on the damnably anti-Christian Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and on the governments that continue to allow the abuses of our first freedom, as if it were a negligible matter. ~

 Read it here.

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