Things take a very disturbing turn

From Free Dominion: Visit from RCMP (CHRC attacks FDer Edward Kennedy):

Isn’t life exciting? I was contacted by, and agreed to a meeting with the RCMP earlier this evening in regards to a complaint from the inhuman rights commission. Poor babies, it seems they want to be immune from any criticism of their persecution of victims and imposition of their politically correct bs.

The constable was reasonable and pleasant to talk to during the investigation, and I gave him a lengthy statement over the issue.

I will post a review of what transpired and what was said, tomorrow and am sending the same message now to these clowns that I sent back in my statement. I am NOT going to stop exercising my freedom of expression and I am not nor will I be intimidated by the fat asses sitting on their heated thrones, thinking they can rule the wortld of thought.

More tomorrow, I am tired, and need to sleep. Working for a living does that to you, but then the arses at the hrc would not know about that. Half a day’s work would kill these pompous pampered pathetic peons of pitiful political correctness.

Read it here.

What fascinates me is not that the CHRC would resort to such measures, but that the police would let themselves get involved in such measures in the first place.


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