Today’s Lynch List – All About Everything Else

Alright, there’s a little more coverage of the Boissoin hearing, too. Let’s start with that: – Alta. pastor who condemned gays takes on human rights tribunal.

No Apologies – Coverage Mounts in Boissoin Appeal Blog – Stephen Boissoin challenging “hate speech” conviction.

Towleroad –

Focus On The Rainbow – When Free Speech And Hate Speech Blur Together Into One

Closet Conservative – Go Team Go: “Hate Speech” On Trial

The Freedomsite Blog – Stephen Boissoin challenges Human Rights Industry in Alberta

Second, more on the two Human Rights Awards being handed out by the New Brunswick Human Rights Commmission from the Daily Gleaner.

Third, more on Yale University’s brief flirtation with the Ontario human rights system over Jewish holidays ( seriously ) from No Apologies.

Fourth, guess who’s going to be performing at Ezra Levant’s upcoming talk in Toronto? That’s right: get ready for the musical stylings of Lindy performing Shakedown, live and unplugged.

Fifth, Macleans writes The CHRC tells itself to shape up, but Jesse Ferras says Maclean’s overestimates CJC influence.

Sixth, Deborah Gyapong writes for Catholic leaders appluad tribunal decision upholding free speech. Also noted by Freedom Through Truth.

Seventh, Jay Currie writes about the joys of FOI requests:

Back in August I made a Freedom of Information Request for a copy the “graphic anonymous letter” Jennifer Lynch read out at the CBA in Dublin. I also asked for all files, correspondence, memoranda and emails dealing with this letter and its consequences”.

Right on schedule the CHRC’s Coordinator for Access to Information and Privacy, Ginette Bastien, has written back stating:

“Pursuant to paragraph 9(1)(b) of the Act, an extension of 60 days is required beyond the statutory 30-day limit allowed for the processing of your request because consultations are necessary to comply with the request which cannot reasonably be completed within the original time limit”
An imaginary source deep inside the Commission sent along this transcript of one of the required consultations:

GB: Where’s the letter Ms. Lynch?
JL: What letter?
GB: The one you read in Dublin.
JL: The dog ate it.
GB: No, Ms. Lynch, seriously.
JL: I don’t recall.
GB: Well you read it.
JL: No, I referred to it…the rest is just a bunch of vicious slurs put out by lying bloggers.
GB: Ms. Lynch, was there a letter.
JL: Absolutely. There were a lot of letters.
GB: I mean the one you read in Dublin.
JL: I’m a QC..I know the FOI has no jurisdiction in Dublin.
GB: But it applies in Canada.
JL: Not if I have public interest immunity and there is a security concern. My people have clearances you know.
GB: Is there a security concern?
JL: Of course there is, some guy wrote something like “You should be shot”. That’s a death threat.
GB: But you can’t find the letter.
JL: What letter? Look, I’m fighting for my existence here.
GB: So there wasn’t any letter?
JL: I don’t recall.
GB: Well, if there was a letter was it anonymous?
JL: Maybe. It was signed jadewarr and I am the only person in this office who doesn’t know who jadewarr is. And that was just one of the letters: pogue mahone wrote one and some shrill bitch named lucy wrote one; but the worst one was written by someone called 90’sareover…
GB: Er, Ms. Lynch you do recognize those names don’t you.
JL: I don’t recall and if I did recall I would have no idea what you are talking about. We’re done here.
M. Bastien has a tough job.

Read it here.

Eighth, Mark Steyn’s article for Macleans, It took a while but Section 13 is dead, gets noted by Canadian Human Rights Commission Exposed, No Apologiesand the Freedomsite Blog. Also, his latest blog post gets commentary from Jay Currie, and Blazing Cat Fur.

Finally, old friends of Barbara Hall, and that dastardly Rob Anders.


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