Stephen Boissoin fights back

Stephen defends himself from Darren Lund’s attack upon his character, here, on his website. Here’s an excerpt:

 University of Calgary professor, Darren Lund continues to defame me via slander at public presentations and through libel in the media.  Lund lives in Calgary yet the Red Deer Advocate publishes his comments with complete bias.  Lund just won’t quit. Though I have remained silent for over five years, I recently attempted to submit a response to the Advocate in my defense.  Unfortunately, the Advocate holds me to a higher standard than it does Lund and they edited out important points.  Enough is enough!   


Following is a detailed response to Darren Lund’s constant and defamous attacks against me in my local newspaper, the Red Deer Advocate.  Lund does not live in Red Deer and seems to have more than a need to state his position and further aims to ruin my reputation within the community that I reside, parent and am employed.

Read it all here.


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