Today’s Lynch List – the man on the inside version

Well, here I am, home again. I’m back to my regular computer, and I have to say, working with a netbook for so long ( over three weeks ) makes my laptop at home look and feel like some massive, wheezing machine.

But whatever. You’re not here to talk about that. You’re here to read about the latest developments in the HRC-related world. Here they are:

First off, could we have a whistleblower?  ‘Cause that would be so freakin’ awesome! The fellow behind the blog Fairness Fairy – Balancing News could very well be our man on the inside:

Who am I ?  I’ll make this brief. I have received some emails from pseudonyms of Richard Warman, some dumb lawyer as well as a multitude of readers.

First of all, I’m NOT Marc Lemire or anyone directly associated with him.

I can’t give my name because of the nature of my job. I am an employee working in, related to, or around the CHRC Corporate Services Branch. I may or may not have done work directly or indirectly on cases.

I don’t want to lose my job by giving any direct information, but I want to say this:

I am a CHRC dissenter. I am the reason why Marc Lemire shut down the Freedomsite Message board only 1 month after Richard Warman’s complaint was filed and over 3 months before he ever received a copy.

I am also the reason that Mr. Lemire was able to make direct requests for disclosure of documents that the Commission didn’t even realize “outsiders” knew they had.

I am also the reason that specific questions were led to Commission witnesses in the Warman v. Lemire case.

I am technically astute, and a programmer, but sadly that is not the field I work in directly.

Yes, I work for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. But I am not one of them. I need my job to eat and to keep liquor and drugs on the table in the winter. Don’t mix me up with the other employees of the Commission because of my job, however.

It is true that the Commission has recently adopted a SERIOUS siege mentality, but I still nose around and will report anything of use that I find directly to certain individuals so I am not identifiable. No, I will NOT report them on my blog, because coming directly from me, I am concerned my identity will be exposed.

I am a whistle blower and I am going semi-public with my identity since the Warman v. Lemire case is over and I cannot be subpoenaed to testify by either side. For now, I still can’t afford to have my name plastered as I am sure I may have broken a few of the CHRC’s rules and regulations by leaking information.

If you don’t believe me, read the post I’m going to make tomorrow

Thank you for reading my blog so far,

The Fairness Fairy (The Free Speech “Deep Throat”)

Read it here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur, who also had this to say:

The CHRC, better than any soap goin. I would love for this to be legit but must confess I have deep suspicions based on the sites content. Still, for all that, it will be fun to watch for a Mushroom Cloud emanating from Jenny’s head. Pity I will be virtually incommunicado all day Friday and thus unable to check out the upcoming post promised by our “Mole”.

This development also noted by Jay Currie, Freedom Through Truth ( with more here ),

Meanwhile, our potential man on the inside writes: I’m a Whistle Blower:

NOTE: I am not trying to prove to anyone that I am legit. Except for the CHRC. Some people have expressed skepticism. But I trust that some of the information written in this post (specifically the part in red below) will convince the CHRC that I am in fact what I say I am. Understandably my other posts are quite extreme in a satirical sense, however each extreme post corresponds to a day at the CHRC that i had to nod my head like a good mule to some ridiculous bullshit that i felt was going to make me explode. Sarcasm, writing and liquor are therapeutic to me. Yes this blog has been around for a while as someone kindly pointed out, however getting involved with some of these cases (as far back as late 2003) gave me the idea to have some sort of public face. So sue me….

I have seen articles referring to me as a “mole”. I’m not a “mole”, I’m a whistle blower.

Mole has a negative connotation, meaning someone working within and against the system.

Here’s my reasoning:

What the CHRC has been doing in relation to S13 is illegal; In law and in the face of the Canadian people and their Charter-granted rights. They are operating as a secretive organization when they are little more than a paper-pushing administrative branch of the government. I am not working against the system. I am working FOR the system. That which is established to protect the Canadian people from this country turning into one of the many 3rd World dictatorships we openly criticize.

Also people seem to be under the impression that I was going to give EXPLOSIVE news today.

That’s not my goal. My goal is to prove to the COMMISSION that I am a whistle blower (and maybe keep them awake at night). The Commission is WAY out of control. It NEEDS to be reigned in and whipped. This organization needs to be “decapitated” and new management installed. S13 should be deleted. These articles are for the benefit of Lynch’s CHRC, the rest of you can just follow along and read.

Section 13 operations at the Commission were guided by unprofessional zeal, with an US against them mentailty. The Commission’s mandate as a company, though properly defined, seems to be murky in the eyes of their cowboy management. They goal is not to exercise authority over Canadians and set down rules. It’s to mediate and arbitrate conflicts in a multi-ethnic society in order to keep it running smoothly.

That being said. Here is the second installment as promised

During the Warman vs. Lemire case a lot of damning evidence was presented that I tipped him off to so that they could hit the information on the nose instead of being confused on what it is they are looking for.

Other information I passed to the Lemire defense includes:

  • The fact that Hanya Rizk (who was investigating Lemire) got “help” directly from Richard Warman
  • That Dean Steacy was involved with the “Jadewarr” account
  • That Dean Steacy also had the “oldensrevenge” account on gmail
  • Dean Steacy’s physical appearance and my doubts that he can perform properly as an investigator
  • Furthermore I notified Mr. Lemire that was still active long after his apparently “mysterious departure” from the CHRC
  • There’s more. I just don’t want to reveal them all at once

I’m sure by now that the CHRC spies have been confused as to whether or not I am telling the truth about being an insider. And here is my answer. You can be pretty sure that there is an insider, even if you don’t believe that it’s me.

A few months back, I extracted some information from a CHRC source, or computer, or sticky note (not telling you which). That information led me to the email address and I was able to log in. There was no identifying information in the account linking it to the CHRC (black ops Commission style, through gmail).

After I logged in, I change the password. The CHRC can verify that information by attempting to log back into the account. Maybe those of you in the media can contact the CHRC and ask if they are able to log back into this account. As i said, this is to prove to THEM that I’m for real.


It seems that the CHRC doesn’t want to get emails from me anymore, when i tried to email Dean Steacy, John Chamberlin and Philipe Dufresne, my emails bounced from each citing:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 552 552 Error: content rejected (state 18).

A 552 error for STMP means “Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation.”

This doesn’t make sense (especially since all 3 accounts i emailed bounced). So unless nobody is checking their mail at the CHRC and their mail server is full (or they are getting tons of support and fan mail), I guess fairnessfairy’s email is blocked from the CHRC mail server entirely.


Keep it real dudes. As they say “Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.” And I consider you all my friends,

The Fairness Fairy

P.S. Yes there is a 3rd installment

Read it here.

Second, from Metro: Scrapping of mandatory retirement age forces employers to adapt:

When most Canadian jurisdictions recently eliminated mandatory retirement, workplaces across the country were forced to quickly adapt. With an aging workforce, and compulsory retirement no longer an option, employers were suddenly faced with fewer options to transition older employees into retirement. As this scenario unfolded in courtrooms across the country, various lessons were learned:          

This month, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favour of two Air Canada pilots who complained that their forced retirement at age 60 was discrimination. The Tribunal initially rejected their complaints based on an exemption that permitted employers to retire them if the retirement age was an industry standard. But on appeal, the Tribunal ruled that Air Canada could not properly justify the policy. The decision is explosive as it applies equally to all federally regulated employers, who will now be revisiting their policies.

Read the rest here. H/t to Freedom Through Truth.

Finally, the smell of a human rights complaint to come; and a glimpse of the future?


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