Today’s Lynch List

Alright, let’s do this!

First off, the nominations are open:

The second annual Award for the Advancement of Human Rights on PEI is now open for nominations.   The PEI Human Rights Commission created this award to recognize individuals, groups or organizations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of human rights on Prince Edward Island.

The award will recognize exceptional achievement on a volunteer basis to promote human rights and equality in PEI as defined in the Prince Edward Island Human Rights Act. The Act states that every person is free and equal in dignity and human rights without regard to age, colour, creed, ethnic or national origin, family status, marital status, physical or intellectual disability, political belief, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or source of income.

Read all about it here.

Second, First Nations services “intolerable”:

Mike Aiken

Miner and News

 As he started his second year, Ontario’s advocate for children offered a challenge.

“When your children ask, ‘What did you do?’ What will you answer,” he asked during his speech Thursday in Kenora to a youth and justice forum.

Elman was referring to the conditions for children and youth in First Nations, which he described as “intolerable.” He noted he’d already pledged his support for a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which has also been backed by the Assembly of First Nations, the Chiefs of Ontario and Amnesty International.

Read the rest here.

Third, Denyse O’Leary writes, in Post-Darwinist on the strange new case of Richard Warman: Intellectual freedom in Canada: Inquisitor is now himself inquisitioned. Meanwhile, Mark Steyn writes: Petard watch.

Fourth, a little more on the Boissoin case/appeal, from Heteroseparatist, and ADF Alliance Alert.

Fifth, an interesting development in the Fairness Fairy whistleblower scenario. From Anti-Racist Canada:

Well, the real issue is who exactly the “Fairness Fairy” is. Is this blog writer truly a disgruntled CHRC whistleblower who is mad as hell and not going to take it any more? We’re somewhat dubious given the racist and antisemitic garbage previously posted on his (or her) blog. But who is he (or she)? ‘Tis a mystery that will never be solve it would appear given the difficulties of determing online identities.


You see, the name, “Fairness Fairy” seemed really, really familiar to us. We put our little egg heads together to try and remember where we’ve heard that name before. Then it hit us. Not only had we seen this name before, we actually wrote an article in which the “Fairness Fairy” was mentioned:

Marc Lemire Edits His Own Wikipedia Article

Marc was caught and banned for editting his own Wikipedia articles using the online pseudonym, “Veritas-Canada” and for engaging in an editting war on Richard Warman’s Wiki page. It was also discovered that, in addition to the “Veritas-Canada” pseudonym, Marc was also using at least two and perhaps three sockpuppet pseudonyms.

One sockpuppet might have been RachaelMartinez,

Another was confirmed as MJMurphy-TREB,

And the final one was FairnessFairy2:

As the Wiki says, Please refer to this Checkuser request for evidence:


request links: maineditlinkshistorywatch
Filed: 00:56, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

These three accounts are almost exclusively dedicated to editing the article Marc Lemire in a similar fashion. As well, Veritas-Canada and FairnessFairy are both used as aliases of Marc Lemire off of wikipedia while RachaelMartinez is a name chosen to mock Shane Ruttle Martinez, one of Lemire’s real life critics and, in addition to editing the article on Marc Lemire, the RachaelMartinez account is vandalizing the article on Shane Martinez. (talk) 00:56, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

  • Veritas, Fairness and MJM are Confirmed, Rachel is on an unrelated IP but in a similar geographic location and could be blocked for the user name and edits even without confirmation. Thatcher 01:07, 20 August 2008 (UTC)
  • Clerk note: Blocked all accounts indefinitely. Nishkid64 (Make articles, not wikidrama) 01:30, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

Put us down as suspicious column.

UPDATE 2: Hey, it would seem that not only is the “Fairness Fairy” a top secret special super agent, but he’s also claiming to be a construction worker from West Virginia on Stormfront. Where does he find the time to build houses AND fight super villains? Yet another mystery:

All of these posts were made to Stormfront between June 9 and July 7, 2008.

Read the rest here.

Sixth, an unsigned editorial from the Calgary Herald: Mr. Stelmach– tear down this free speech wall!

Is the tide of Canadian censorship finally starting to turn?

We are hopeful, though not tempted to complacency.

This week, the Alberta Human Rights Commission cited a string of recent court and commission climb-downs, in the reasons it gave for dismissing a complaint lodged against this newspaper and its corporate companion, the Edmonton Journal.

Naturally, the Herald –which has been very vocal on this issue for many years, if not decades– welcomes the decision.

However, it rests on an interpretation by a human rights commission of its own powers: The situation is thus somewhat comparable to the police investigating allegations of police misbehaviour. So, while it is a good thing that commissions are starting to realize how much they have exceeded the intentions of those who established them, a reduction of their powers must be cemented with new legislation, if free-speech rights are to be properly protected.

The case involving the Herald and the Journal arose from an editorial published in April 2002, which catalogued several allegations of duplicity, manipulation, atrocity and hypocrisy on the part of Palestinian leaders in their dealings with Israel.

At the time, reports of terrorist activity came almost daily, interspersed with the late Yasser Arafat’s protestations that all he wanted was peace: The matter was top of mind, and ripe for public examination. However, Muslim advocates complained that it was “likely to expose to hatred or contempt Palestinian Arabs and Muslims,” though there was no proof of that whatsoever and it was certainly not the intent.


It seems much has been won by the determined resistance of free-speech advocates, like this newspaper, to nationwide commission encroachments on a right to criticize people, organizations and governments that goes back in Canada at least to 1835, when Joseph Howe took on a corrupt provincial government, and won.

We salute them all, if not for their opinions in every case, at least in their tenacious defence of their right to publish them–a right that has cost so many of our best and brightest their very lives.

Premier Stelmach, when even your own human rights commission has changed its mind, you must act: Tear down the offensive section of Alberta’s human rights law.

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald
Read the whole thing here. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur.

Finally, those dastardly Jews; and old friends of Barbara Hall.


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