Pivot Legal Society brings no evidence in human rights complaint

[ ED NOTE: Jesse Ferreras was kind enough to let me cross-post this article from his blog. You can read the original here. I’ve actually written a little bit about this complaint in the past – that is, if you’re interested. ]

What kind of a law firm files a human rights complaint and submits no evidence to support it?

The Downtown Eastside-based Pivot Legal Society apparently! Pivot, in concert with the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, has filed a complaint of systemic discrimination against the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association for denying homeless people access to public space.

What evidence do they bring! None, if a DVBIA news release posted on Frances Bula’s blog is to be believed!

You wonder now why the tribunal is even bothering to hear this complaint if it has no documents to submit in the matter. Let’s give it one more year to see if the Tribunal decides to throw it out. It has, after all, been only a single year that the BCHRT has examined this complaint. It took them two years to throw out a complaint by a loopy witch who alleged Langara College discriminated against her for having superpowers!


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