Alright, the results are in: I am holding the List in my hands

Well, I’m not holdingit. But I have it, the results of my second, more thorough FOI request for Jennifer Lynch’s list of names.

First off, for newer readers, let’s recap. A few months ago, when I was first starting up this blog, I filed an FOI request with the CHRC to follow up on a referencethat Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch had made, to a list of 800, 1200 entries referring to those who had been critical of the CHRC’s activities, and of her own activities. You can read the post where I sent off that first form here, with follow-ups here and here.

Eventually, I got results ( more here ), but they weren’t the results I had been looking for. Basically, all I got was a list of media references. Very few blogs – I believe I saw a reference to, and the Shotgun Blog, and that was about it. There were plenty of editorials listed, by everybody from Ezra Levant to Rob Breakenridge to Jesse Ferreras. But there were also listed a lot of straight-up reports and news stories. It wasn’t all editorials, and it wasn’t all critics. It just read like a rather strange collection of press mentions – and a haphazard one at best.

But whatever. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results, and, egged on by the advice of a few of my fellow bloggers and Speechers, I filed a second requestwith the CHRC, with a broader, more thorough set of request criteria. I received an acknowledgement of my request, and then, today, finally, I received the results of my request.

Same results as last time. Nothing’s changed. That’s all I can say. There are 49 pages worth of press mentions and editorials and the like, 1001 in total. Nothing new to report.

I have to admit to some disappointment, of course, but hey – you win some, you lose some. It’s time I moved on to other, better things; it’s time I moved on to other searches, which I will also be sure to document for the Mob. For instance, I was thinking of following up on Jay Currie’s attemptto actually get his hands on a copy of one or two of the death threats that Jennifer Lynch has said she has been the recipient of – in her appeals to lawyers to help bolster the CHRC’s efforts. I don’t trust Jennifer – I’d like to verify those claims of hers, if I can. I think I might also follow up on some as-yet-undocumented travel expenses of Jennifer’s, and the like. Not to mention that Mbrandon8026 of the Freedom Through Truth blog and I had been thinking of filing an FOI request with Ontario’s human rights system to see what we can’t find out.

It’ll be an interesting few months, if I have anything to say about it. But this particular quest? It’s over. I’m not making another request for this particular information.


Oh, just to be sure, here’s the text of my request:

1) Jennifer Lynch’s list of approximately several hundred, 1200 names, listing critics of the CHRC both in the blogs and the mainstream media who have apparently engaged in “misinformation, gross distortions” and “caricaturizations” of the CHRC and/or its employees. This list was referred to by Jennifer Lych in an article by Joseph Brean in the National Post, Monday, June 22nd, entitled ” ‘Canadians Misinformed’ on Hate Speech”.

2) Any notes, files, lists, comments, correspondence, or other written material that may be in any way related to the list mentioned above, or the names and entries contained within the list mentioned above.

I think that about covers it, doesn’t it?


8 Responses to Alright, the results are in: I am holding the List in my hands

  1. I commend you for your efforts.

  2. Whatever you guys decide to go for in Ontario, I can submit a similar FOI request here in BC. Keep me posted :)

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