Air Canada Pilots Association Jumps In

J Ly Making Enemies Left, Right and Center, Well Maybe Not Left

[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from Freedom Through Truth was kind enough to let me cross-post this article from his blog. You can read the original here.

This is just yet one more example of the glaring question that human rights commissions in this country have raised. Namely, what kind of authority do they actually have? It seems that, more and more, rather than simply asking questions about it, people are trying to find answers – hence this current spat. ]

So, the CHRC tribunal gave the over 60 Air Canuck pilots the right to not retire, another right for the left, as it were. I mentioned it here.

But, surprise of surprises. Not everybody was pleased. In fact, only J Ly, her liberal friends, and the Fly Past 60 folks jumped for joy at the news. The people most affected by their arrogance were not so quick to celebrate. In fact they are challenging the ruling as reported several placed in the last few days but here, as well.

The Air Canada Pilots Association has taken up their clarion call to the Federal Court of Canada. Their President said:

“The association has a duty to represent the wishes of the majority of the pilots and we will exercise the legal avenues available to us to ensure that their interests are protected. We are reviewing the details of the decision with our legal representatives to determine the long-term impact on our members and their collective agreement and our options for responding.”

It seems that the question is whether a collective bargaining agreement where the members of the union (I mean association) voted in favour of 60 as a retirement age holds water, or whether disgruntlement equals entitlement to change things because J Ly and her band of miscreants say so, and want to create yet another human right, the right not to be retired, even if you agreed that you were going to be.

Go Figure!


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