The CHRC’s 2008 annual report

Here it is, looky looky. A big h/t to Scaramouche. Here’s a snippet of it:

The Tribunal had a busy year in 2008. The Canadian Human Rights Commission referred 103 new complaints for inquiry, up 25 percent from 2007. As the Tribunal carried forward 98 active case files from earlier years, its total caseload for the year was significant — 201 cases in all — down slightly from the previous five-year average of 214 cases, but up about 10 percent from 2007. See Figure 2, below. Tribunal members conducted 57 mediations, presided over hearings into 19 complaints, and issued 17 decisions and 33 rulings on motions, objections or other preliminary matters. At the end of 2008, 110 cases remained active, including 22 from earlier years. Although annual complaint referrals peaked at 139 in 2004, Figure 2 illustrates how this spike has continued to influence the Tribunal’s caseload. For example, new referrals dropped by close to 50 percent between 2004 and 2006, but the Tribunal’s 2006 caseload declined by less than 10 percent

You can read it all here, including Tribunal decisions, the CHRC’s mandate, all that fun stuff.

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