Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, some more coverage of the CHRC’s decision to appeal the Hadjis decision on Warman v. Lemire from Canadian Human Rights Commission Exposed, Five Feet Of FuryThe National Post, The Radical Press, SoundoffFree Dominion ( with more here), and Jay Currie.

Meanwhile, Blazing Cat Fur revs up what could be a very interesting letter-writing campaign in reply to the CHRC’s appeal – as Jay Currie says, good kitty ( also noted by Freedom Through Truth ) – and Mark Steyn comments: The CHRC attempts to resuscitate Section 13. Also, a little bit more coverage of the CHRC’s investigation into Richard Warman, from Beltway Blips.

Second, some more coverage of Terry O’Neill’s $63,000 dollar discovery that freedom of information ain’t free, from Five Feet Of Fury, Mark Steyn, and finally, from me, over at the Libertas Post blog.

Third, Dr. Barry Cooper’s great essay ‘Welcome to Canada’s Schauprozess – “Show Trials”,  is available at the Frontier Centre For Public Policy, and can also be read in full over at Free Dominion. Also noted by Five Feet Of Fury and Jay Currie.

Fourth, the House of Commons standing committee on Justice and Human Rights is conductin‘ a review, and the topic of the day, Oct. 5th? Section 13(1). Excellent. Mark Steyn will be attending ( also noted by Blazing Cat Fur, as well as here and here ), and, as Blazing Cat Fur points out, Jennifer Lynch is also expected to attend. More coverage at and at Freedom Through Truth – it sounds like the event, or some of it anyway, will be televised; I’ll have to tune in, and see if I can’t find some streaming video for you fine folks to follow along with, if you’re not tuned in already.

Fifth, Chris Selley calls Mark Steyn’s recent appraisal of the Ontario Human Rights system ‘terrific‘, while Jay Currie and Kathy Shaidle note Brian Lilley’s latest: Why Harper won’t touch the human rights commissions.

Sixth, from CBC News: Transgendered teacher files complaint over firing:

An Edmonton teacher has filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission after he was fired by a Catholic school board for telling it he was changing his gender.

Jan Buterman, who worked as a substitute teacher for about six months, was removed from the Greater St. Albert Catholic school board’s substitute teacher list last year.

Born as a woman, Buterman is transitioning to become a man and told the school board he had gender identity disorder.

In a letter, Steve Bayus, deputy superintendent of schools for Greater St. Albert, wrote that in discussions with the archbishop of the Edmonton diocese, it was their view that “the teaching of the Catholic Church is that persons cannot change their gender. One’s gender is considered what God created us to be.”

Bayus said the board, which oversees public Catholic schools in several communities north of Edmonton, purposely hires teaching staff who are “models and witnesses to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

“Since you made a personal choice to change your gender, which is contrary to Catholic teachings, we have had to remove you from the substitute teacher list,” Bayus wrote.

“Your gender change is not aligned with the teachings of the church and would create confusion and complexity with students and parents as a model and witness to Catholic faith values.”

Bayus notes that Buterman has “served the schools well” as a substitute teacher.

The teachers union has lodged the complaint on Buterman’s behalf with the human rights commission.

Buterman is currently out of work and money and living in social housing while he waits for a resolution.

Read the rest here. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur. More on this story from the Edmonton Sun, Pam’s House Blend, For Women ( yeah, I’m going to slap a Not Safe For Work tag on that one – click at the risk of your soul, or whatever ), and Ontd_Political ( livejournal ).

Finally, old friends of Barbara Hall.


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