Gettin’ results

Thanks to Four_Horses over at Free Dominion for sending this in to me:

1st Update on Rally the Troops

Marc Lemire has indicated in an email:

I just wanted to send you a short note to say thanks for putting out your “Rally the Troops for Free Speech – A campaign for intervenor status in the Judicial Review of Warman v. Lemire

I have already heard from the BC Civil Liberties Association, and they are complaining they are getting blasted with emails.

And Jason Gratl (litigation director BBCLA) said that “Did you think we would not intervene? There is no need to spam us into action”

One thing to add to your posting about getting groups to intervene.
Add in my federal court case number, so they know the case to file on.

The case is:

Federal Court of Canada
Case no. T-1640-09
Applicant: CHRC
Respondents: Attorney General of Canada, Bitchard Warman and Marc Lemire

That’s 1. Now work on the CCLA and CCF.

Honestly. I can not carry this thing all by myself. I am financially tapped out with the 6 year hearing I just came out of.

Another $50,000 is a huge burden on my family.

Especially since the CHRC is not appealing on the “merits” of the case. Meaning. Right now. I am 100% scott free.

I will continue it to get rid of section 13. But it no longer benefits me in anyway. I have been found innocent.

-Marc Lemire

Alright – let’s keep it up, folks! Check out Blazing Cat Fur for all the gory details – more on this from the Mob here.


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