Today’s Lynch List

Alright, let’s get started!

First off, some more on tomorrow’s House of Commons committee enquiry into Section 13(1) ( with special guests Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn ), from the Shotgun Blog, Freedomsite Blog, Blazing Cat Fur, and Canadian Human Rights Commission Exposed. Meanwhile, you can get the full scoop from Ezra Levant:

On Monday afternoon Mark Steyn and I will testify before the House of Commons Justice and Human Rights Committee in support of their review of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and its abusive censorship powers.

If you’re in Ottawa, come by in person, to room 253-D in the Centre Block. It looks like I’m up first, from 3:30 till 4, and then Mark is up from 4 till 4:30.

I am advised by a friend in the Justice Department that Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the CHRC, was scheduled to appear on Monday, too, but when she heard that Steyn and I were appearing that day, she insisted that she be permitted to testify another day. If this were high school, I’d merely laugh at Lynch for her childishness. Given that Lynch is an adult, in a postion of authority in the government, her behaviour is worse than pitiful or disgraceful — it’s long past time she were relieved of her duties.

At least Lynch didn’t try to bully the Justice Committee MPs like she tried to bully CTV a few months ago, when she insisted that CTV rescind their invitation to me to appear on a national public affairs program. What a classless, bitter, paranoid woman. But I don’t take it personally; Lynch has seven employees who are members of neo-Nazi organizations; it’s simply her survival instinct kicking in. Seriously: if you had seven neo-Nazi members working for you, would you want to appear in the same room as a Jew like me who actually cares about anti-Semitism? It could put her in a tough spot.

It will be interesting to see if Lynch actually appears at a later date. Remember that she skipped town the last time she was asked to come to Parliament to answer for her fiascos, sending in her clueless deputy to take flak for her. Like I say, classless — and out of her depth. But enough about Lynch and her neo-Nazi staff.

I’ll have more to say about Lynch and her corrupt crew on Monday. If you can’t attend in person, you can watch the proceedings online, by clicking here.

I’ll also post a transcript of my remarks (and Mark Steyn’s) when they’re published.

Read it here. I’ll do my best to keep y’all updated on the situation tomorrow.

Second, Gordon Watson offers up a defense of Jennifer Lynch’s filing methods, in a letter to the National Post: Jennifer Lynch keeps files. So what?

That Jennifer Lynch reads the newspapers is good, and keeping a scrapbook is also excellent. But surely her taste for sharp political commentary (and quest for self-improvement) is not a concern for taxpayers.

Gordon Watson, Rocky Mountain House, Alta.

Read it here.

Third, another interesting speech-related court case with an American in Canada develops in Ontario – as GM’s points out, you’d think we’d’ve learned our lesson with Mark Steyn’s shredding of our HRC system.

Finally, intellectual freedom in Canada; and fish in peace ( scroll down ).


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