A reply from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Got this in my inbox today, in reply to my small part in Blazing Cat Fur‘s letter-writing campaign:

Thank you for your email enquiry to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Due to our active workload, the small number of our staff, and the large volume of correspondence that we receive on an ongoing basis, we are unable to respond to each message personally.   Please be assured that, as a rule, we carefully read, review and file all correspondence received.

As you may know, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is primarily a law reform organization, working to promote respect for, observance and protection of fundamental human rights and civil liberties in Canada’s legal system and society.

If you are contacting us for personal legal advice or information: please note that while the Association engages in a wide range of public interest advocacy work in defence of fundamental freedoms, we do not generally perform investigations or provide legal advice or services to members of the public; indeed, we are not in a position to do so. On the whole, when critical issues are at stake, people are advised to approach a lawyer or legal aid clinic in their community. Generally, such services may be reached by contacting directory assistance, the provincial or territorial law society, or through an Internet search.

If you are contacting us regarding general civil rights issues or civil rights concerns within your community: due to our small staff size and the high volume of correspondence we receive, we are regrettably unable to provide detailed written responses to all enquiries.  Information regarding our actions and positions on a variety of issues can be found on our website, www.ccla.org.  As noted above we do thoroughly read and consider all correspondence.  We sincerely appreciate it when individuals bring current and important civil liberties issues to our attention – it is through communications from concerned members of the public such as yourself that we are made aware of critical and current civil liberties issues within our society. 

 Again, thank you for taking the time to write to us with your concerns.

 Yours truly,

 Canadian Civil Liberties Association


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