Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, a little pre-coverage of the House of Commons committee enquiry into Section 13(1), from the Canada Free Press, Dr. Roy’s Thoughts, Five Feet Of Fury,, Mesopotamia Westand here.

Second, Roy Eappen writes a little about the Canadian Constitution Foundation Third Annual Law Conference on Race, Religion, Equality and Freedom: Current Canadian Legal Controversies. I’m sure you can guess what one of the main topics was, with special guest star, Prof. Moon himself! From the Libertas Post: Debating free speech:

The first panel was on the Human Rights Commissions. I must say I admire Philippe Dufresne for entering the lion’s den 2 years in a row. All three seemed to want major changes to section 13.1.

All three seemed mostly reasonable. Dufresne said the Lemire decision was being appealed for clarity. I asked him before the event what if it is upheld and the section is found unconstitutional and he said the commission would be Ok with that.

Professor Moon wants to abolish section 13.1 but have more criminal prosecutions. He seemed quite afraid of internet hate groups flying under the radar. He attacked Right wing bloggers as propagating lies that the MSM have picked up.

Prof Huscroft wants to get rid of 13.1 and not have more prosecutions under the criminal law. He kept emphasizing that there were people of good faith on both sides. He was firmly on the side of free speech.
In the question period Barbara Kay spoke first and asked about selective persecution, citing the case of the book written by the Quebec imam that advocated executing gays (the HRC complaint was dismissed.)
I spoke next and pointed out I was a minor right wing blogger, Moon replied then he could forgive me. I replied that I didn’t for give him. I pointed out that the HRC issue would never be on the radar without the Right wing blogosphere.

I tried to bring up Warman, but Moon cut me off and ranted about the lies and misinformation from the Right Wing blogs.

He did apologize to me afterwards and I think he is pro free speech , but from the left side of the debate. He is worried about the level of discourse. It was quite interesting that the president of the CJC didn’t show up. I would have liked to question him.

Read it here, and also, with a little bit more, including pictures, at Dr. Roy’s Thoughts.

Third, have you ever wanted to chicken cannon Richard Warman or Jennifer Lynch? Well, now’s your chance to realized that dream! H/t to Blazing Cat Fur. Also noted here, and by Five Feet Of Fury.

Fourth, BigCityLib notes Tim Hudak’s possible step back from his HRC-abolitionist policies. Worth checking out.

Fifth, the boys at Anti-Racist Canada continue in their campaign to…what? Prove that Marc Lemire is a racist? Whatever. The usual cheerleaders will cheerlead. More on this at Free Dominion.

Sixth, at Free Dominion, Four_Horses wonders:

CHRC, CHRT and the AG’s Office

Has anyone considerd that the AG’s office acted as an intervener in the Warman v Lemire case, siding with the CHRC? Now that a decison has been renedered, the CHRC is opposing the CHRT.

Where does Rob Nicholson and the AG’s Office come in on this? Do they support the support the decison of one side of their minions (the CHRT) or oppose with the other other side (the CHRC)?


We have heard ad naseum, that the s13 process is complaint driven. If so, then doesn’t any support for the CHRC by the AG’s Office really mean that the AG’s Office is assisting with an appeal for the complainant, Richard Warman?

How would Nicholson and the CPC justify puting the resources of the federal government behind a private citizen’s complaint, especially on an appeal basis?

Could Nicholson wiggle out of that? Or would it be political suicide to be tarrred with the brush of being a public paid lakey for a private citizen complainant?

Read it here.

Seventh, from Mesopotamia WestFirst CHP Sign in BC Southern Interior:

The first Christian Heritage Party sign in the BC Southern Interior electoral district was erected this morning by a volunteer crew consisting of Mike Kearney, Anne Le Blanc and Frank Hilliard.

Mike Kearney, Anne Le Blanc & Frank Hilliard

The sign, which says “Protect Free Speech, For Better Government CHP Canada”, was put up at the Phoenix Road intersection with the Crowsnest Highway mid-way between Greenwood and Grand Forks.

The Crowsnest Highway is the Southern Trans-Canada linking Hope, BC with Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta. Phoenix Road leads to the Phoenix Mountain ski resort and so the sign will be seen by hundreds of skiers as well as local and inter-provincial traffic in the months ahead.

Commenting on the event, Frank Hilliard congratulated Mike and Anne for their hard physical work.

“I think we’re all happy,” he said, “to be finally turning our beliefs into action. This is much more satisfying than writing blog posts on the Internet.”

The cost of the sign erection is being supported by the Christian Heritage Party BC Sign Project as well as members in the BC Southern Interior who hope soon to form their own Electoral District Association.

Read it here. H/t to Free Dominion.

Finally, the next Ezra Levant; and the Warman hit-list.


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