Today’s proceedings – part two in the exciting series

[ UPDATE 4: The CBC: Writers call for probe into human rights commission; the National Post: Human rights commission ‘corrupted,’ critics testify. ]

[ UPDATE 3: Scary Fundamentalist chimes in, right on time, with a favorite quote from the proceedings. ]

[ UPDATE 2: Well damn – I missed the pundit pair’s appearance on CBC Newsworld…on TV. I’ll try and find it on video somewhere. Meanwhile: the Breakenridge appearance should be any minute. Unless I’ve got my time zones wrong. Listen here. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur.]

[ UPDATE: John Geddes, Macleans: Steyn and Levant on free speech, and what MPs are thinking of doing about it. Also, Ezra and Mark will be on CBC Newsworld, 8:30 Eastern – or so says Steyn.]

You see, rather than having a few more updates to the original ‘proceedings’ post, I thought I’d make an entire post an update. How’s that for trippy?

Anyway, Deborah Gyapong was on site at the committee hearing, and has pictures:












Thanks, Deborah. Read her account of things here. It’s worth the read – a good insider’s look.

Meanwhile, Blazing Cat Fur, doing that thing that he does, has a very good round-up of the coverage:

Drop what you’re doing and watch Steyn & Levant as they appear before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights hearing on Section 13 (1).

These psychologically disturbed employees of the Canadian Human Rights Commission wrote and distributed far more hate speech of their own….Mark Steyn

More here: “Two free-speech crusaders appealed to a parliamentary committee Monday to do its part to strip the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its power to investigate complaints of online hate, alleging that it is bad law that has been “corrupted and diseased beyond salvation.”

Jay Currie: Ezra and Mark give chapter and verse on the prefidities of the CHRC

See the Lynch files for more.

PS. Why did Macleans insist on having Kady O’Malley liveblog this session? I mean is she someone’s daughter or what’s the story there? Ferreras did a far better job.

Read it here, comments included.

Also, Andrew Potter for The Gargoyle ( Ottawa Citizen ): Even pundits have (human) rights; Mark Steyn’s got a round-up of coverage on his site; Human Rights Commission challenged over investigative powers; and Mark Steyn will be on Rob Breakenridge tonight to talk about the whole thing – tune in at 7:00 MST.

Finally, for those of you who missed the whole shebang, and are feeling sad because you got left out, it’s O.K.! You don’t have to worry any more. Kathy Shaidle’s got the answer:

UPDATE 2: OK, here goes:

If you MISSED the testimony, you can still watch it:

Click on this link.

Select VIEW THIS CLIP  Now choose ENGLISH VIDEO in either “150” or “500”

Now sit back and watch a Hindu tell a Jew how to feel about the Holocaust!

Oh, and The Guy Who Is Suing Us gets mentioned. A lot.

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  1. […] we here at the Mob covered two – count ‘em, two – sets of testimony before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights’ investigation into Section 13(1) […]

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