An update

Earlier, I had commented on a bit of a discrepancy between mine and Terry O’Neill’s results from FOI requests regarding Jennifer Lynch’s ‘enemies list’.

Anyway, afterward I had emailed Terry O’Neill to ask him if the discrepancy that I noticed – he was notified that he would have to pay fees ( or whatever; money, anyway ) to go any further, while I have never been informed of this – had occurred because of a subsequent complaint on his part to the information commissioner, or something.

Well, I got a response in my inbox today. Here’s an excerpt:

Throop informed me at the same time I received the 49 pages. We’re mulling our next step now, by the way.


Why do I keep getting sucked back into this? If there’s still time, I think I’ll lodge a complaint with the information commissioner ( there’s like thirty days or something after your FOI results come in in which to do so ), and see if we can’t hash this out. Either way, I don’t have the money to pay any fees to go further, but I would be very interested to see if the fee stays the same: after all, we’re at one discrepancy in our results. Could there be two?

Stay tuned…


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