Hey, Lynch! Stick this in your file and lie about it

[ ED NOTE: Natasha from MooseandSquirrel.ca was kind enough to let me cross-post this article from her site. You can read the original here.

I liked Mark Steyn’s line – that reading Jennifer Lynch’s quotations of her critics is like reading letters sent out from the Gulag, with a snipped word here and a snipped word there and everywhere a word snip-snipped. ]

Read all about the cowardly lyin’ Lynch in Dublin.

On page 21 (of the PDF) she discusses the complaint — made in three different “human rights” jurisdictions — against Macleans/Mark Steyn. The cowardly lyin’ Lynch claims that “all three jurisdictions dismissed the complaint.” Hold on, not so fast, lady (and I use the term loosely).

Lyin’ Lynch makes it sound as if the whole thing was no big deal — much ado about nothing. In fact, BC held a three-day dog and pony show at huge expense to both Macleans and the taxpayers. In her Dublin dance before the Canadian Bar Association members, she neglects to mention that little tidbit. If this cowardly lyin’ “human rights” commissar had any scruples, she would have provided them with a transcript from the BC show trial. What a legal eye-opener that would have been!

She uses the ransom-note method of quoting her enemies — a word here, a phrase there, but of course provides no context. She makes ludicrous claims about the “discrediting of Commissions’ processes, professionalism and staff.” Yet, she neglects to mention the dress-up Nazis working for her or the Commission’s cozy relationship with their number one Section 13 serial complainant.

And of course she brings up the “death threat” against her:

The “death threat” is at the end. It was made by an alleged American who thought the coward Lynch’s first name was Jessica. And, as I suspected, it is not a threat, it is an expression of a rather warped opinion. “Someone needs to take this fruitcake Jessica Lynch….” — Jay Currie

Unlike Ezra, I am not very optimistic. The cowardly lyin’ Lynch omits information and makes things up. She lies in order to bring discredit to her accusers. Many of the MPs in attendance at Parliament’s Justice and Human Rights Committee, when Steyn and Levant spoke (videos here), were rather uninformed about the abuses perpetrated by these fanatical organizations.

The cowardly lyin’ Lynch will be testifying before this same group. My question: Who are the MPs most likely to believe? Whose testimony will they likely give the most weight to — a couple of self-described right-wing blowhards, or the Chief Commission of the misnamed (yet so noble sounding) “Human Rights Commission”?

My response is: Who cares! I think Kathy Shaidle, Five Feet of Fury, has it right. We need to stop giving these people power over us:

If they come for you, refuse to leave.

And if they fine you, refuse to pay.

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