Stephen Boissoin Speaks

On The Jan Buterman Case in Alberta

[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from Freedom Through Truth was kind enough to let me crosspost this article from his blog. You can read the original here. ]

Stephen boissoin wrote this and it was part of a thread in the No Apologies Blog recently:

Catholics have a right to have individuals working for them who are in line with their religious doctrine even if they take government money. Catholics pay millions in taxes.

My children go to a Christian School that is part of our local public school system. It is considered a Christian Alternative Program and there is no doubt that Jesus and scripture are part of the daily culture at that school.

I do not want gays of any sort teaching my children…no transsexuals, transvestites, transgendereds etc. and I would fight tooth and nail to ensure that this did not happen. My tax dollars fund my children’s education PLUS there is an additional tuition charged.

Following is an excerpt from the school profile:

In June of 1999 the Red Deer Christian School Society formulated an agreement with Red Deer Public School District # 104 whereby the Red Deer Christian School became a Christian Alternative Program under its direction and as a result this rich tradition continues. In June 2004 Red Deer Christian Alternative Program along with a group of parents, staff and RDPSD board members changed its name to Gateway Christian School. Christian parents still search for schools that will teach their children that the world belongs to God. They want schools that will lead students to understand and heed God’s call to bring justice and restoration to a fallen world. They acknowledge that God calls their children to the research lab, the law office, the political arena, the university, the school board, and the family farm as well as the pulpit and the mission field.

These parents seek schools that look beyond the classroom to the world. They will not settle for Christian schools that retreat from culture or simply add prayer and Bible reading to a public school curriculum. Nothing short of scripture guiding all of life and learning will do. Gateway Christian School seeks to be such a school within the Red Deer Public System, as an Alternative Program School.

What is occurring that is causing so much damage is the social engineering that is confusing Christians and even Christian leaders en masse. Christians are being duped into believing that a person is born gay and cannot change and this is causing them great confusion. They don’t know what to believe because church leadership at large is also confused and brushes the issue off as just another one of many issues. It is not just another issue. It is a major attack against Christianity in our day. The gay lobby and those that sympathize with them are doing more damage to the very foundation and security of the Christian institution than any other social moral issue. All others can be dealt with without interference i.e a minister can choose not to perform a marriage if he feels that the couple is not prepared or in line with scripture BUT he risks much by not performing a marriage due to sexual orientation or gender related issues. Imagine this scenario shoved on a minister: a female who was a male but has since had a sex change operation and wants to marry another man. If that minister says no….bang..they can take him to the Commission or Court. This must be aggressively fought against for the sake of the institutionalized church and society. The Church needs to get its head out of the sand, get united and get prepared. Not doing so IS causing the deterioration of the churches foundation in our society.

Sure the church can go underground….remain behind closed doors…solemnize marriages that are not recognized by the government etc. BUT we have come too far to go back to this and anyone who thinks that we should or must is completely ignorant and bordering on being a fool.

Come on people!!!

There was a second part to this, which was a note sent by Stephen to leaders at the school, and I will reproduce this later, as it too is pertinent.


2 Responses to Stephen Boissoin Speaks

  1. Carl Morris says:

    I fully support Stephen Boissoin.

  2. We need to stand up for the truth in the Bible and not stray from it. Today’s morals are spiraling downward because we are accepting what is happening now and not talking about what is the right thing.

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