When bloggers do the work of investigative reporters for them…

[ ED NOTE: Jesse Ferreras was kind enough to let me crosspost this article from his blog. You can read the original here.

I’m a little curious as well, as to why Canada’s legal community hasn’t risen as one to slay Lynch’s detestable form of CHRC. ]

…they come up with material like this.

Marc Lemire has dredged up the alleged “death threat” against Jennifer Lynch, Chief Commisaress of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. He filed a Freedom of Information request to the government and found out that the alleged “letter” carrying the death threat was actually a blog post on overthrow.com – a site that no longer exists.

It read as follows: “Someone needs to take this fruitcake Jessica Lynch… shoot her in the back of her head so her face can’t be recognize, dump her body in a mass grave and cover it with lime.

Repugnant speech, to be certain, but also a very convenient straw man to focus on when the real scandal is the conduct of her own investigators. This is the kind of thing you’ll read from a spitting-mad activist sitting on his computer whose words are too incendiary to say his name. It’s hardly worth the time of a government commission’s chief commissioner.

What’s more striking about the documents obtained through Lemire’s FOI is that the Canadian Bar Association seemed all-too-eager to have Jennifer Lynch speak at their conference – both to give a speech and to sit as an honoured guest at the President’s Dinner. The CBA is a little too enthusiastic about hosting a bureaucrat whose conduct is very much in question.

Why not ask for a speaker who’s got some critical things to say about the human rights racket? Why stand behind a process that systemically stacks its processes against respondents? Why no outcry from a legal community that’s all too happy to stand up for prisoners’ rights, but not Charter rights?

I feel a little betrayed that one of Canada’s biggest legal organizations isn’t taking a stronger stand against the abuses that “human rights” investigators have meted out on Canadians. Does the CBA have such a hold over Canada’s lawyers that they toe a line that supports Jennifer Lynch?

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