If Iggy were his old self…

[ ED NOTE: Jesse Ferreras was kind enough to let me crosspost this article from his blog. You can read the original here. ]

…I’d probably have little trouble voting for him. Same for Steyn, who of all people chose one of Michael Ignatieff’s quotes as part of his impassioned defence of free speech before a Parliamentary Justice Committee last week.

Collective rights without individual ones end up in tyranny. Moreover, rights inflation—the tendency to define anything desirable as a right—ends up eroding the legitimacy of a defensible core of rights.

And right he is to say it. I would love right now to hear what the pre-Liberal Party Ignatieff would have to say about the activities of Canada’s human rights commissions.

One last thing about Steyn’s latest column in Maclean’s:

At least one of my Maclean’s colleagues reckoned that Ezra Levant and I blew it in Ottawa, but I felt we made modest incremental progress.

He’s ostensibly talking about Kady O’Malley, who’s done a subpar job covering the “human rights” issue as it’s unfolded in Ottawa. Witness her liveblog of the Subcommittee on International Human Rights and the way she summarizes Russ Hiebert’s questioning of David Langtry:

Hiebert now goes off into a rather disjointed and oddly familiar sounding tirade about ‘questionable practices’ by the commission, including hiring disreputable former police officers, posting illegal material, and — yeah. You get the picture.

“Questionable practices?” In quotes? Really? Does hiring a disgraced police officer and posting anti-Semitic comments on neo-Nazi websites really make her question the CHRC’s questionability?

I for one thought Hiebert posed his questions in a rather polite and tactful manner based on information he got from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Evidently O’Malley wasn’t impressed.

So to answer Ms. O’Malley, no, from your reporting I do not get the picture. I know you cover a heck of a lot of committees and hearings in Ottawa but you could have done a far better job on this one.


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