Freedom of the Press is Overrated, Anyway

Though I’m sure Blazing will beat me to this one (as he always does) it looks like Reporters Without Borders is recognizing the clampdowns on freedom of speech in Canada.

Canada fell to 19th place this year from 13th last year on Reporters Without Borders’ index of freedom of the press. The analysis includes print, broadcast and online journalism in 175 countries.

Press freedom? In Canada? Isn’t that an American concept, and therefore shouldn’t have any value? It’s just one in the lovely matrix of rights that only Jennifer Lynch is qualified to decipher:

Waddell says the second thing that comes to mind is the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which has come under fire recently over a couple of high-profile cases.

So buzz off, Reporters Without Borders. Since you rated Denmark as one of the top three, you’re probably just a crazy right-wing mouthpiece for Islamophobia and wouldn’t recognize hate speech if it smacked you in the burka.


The United States rose to No. 20 this year from No. 40 in last year’s ranking, which the group attributes to more relaxed attitudes toward the media under U.S. President Barack Obama.

This is the same U.S. President that openly declared war on the most-watched news network in his country. The same Democrats who are proposing another dose of the Fairness Doctrine. The same administration whose director of communications openly admitted to the strategy of controlling the media as a key to victory during the election campaign.

Kinda blows that theory out of the water.

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