[ Updated and reposted ] Post-testimony

[ UPDATE VIII: BigCityLib weighs in. Meanwhile, Ezra Levant notes Richard Warman’s presence at the Standing Committee proceedings:

Burny, the Official Jew, apparently has no problem consorting with someone who wrote on a neo-Nazi website that Jews like Irwin Cotler are “scum”. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal thought that was “disturbing and disappointing“, but not Burny. Warman’s serial neo-Nazi comments, his corruption of investigations, and his monopolization of section 13 complaints is really the whole reason this thing is before Parliament. It was his over-reach in the Warman v. Lemire case that had the law ruled unconstitutional; it was his abusive conduct that has so clearly caught the attention of MPs like Joe Comartin; it is his bully tactics that have turned the CHRC into what Athanasios Hadjis of the Tribunal calls “aggressive” and “confrontational”, instead of mediating and conciliatory.

This whole, multi-million dollar boondoggle is his.

Which raises the question: why hasn’t Warman been called to testify?

Why hasn’t he been asked about his neo-Nazi comments?

Why hasn’t he been asked about his entrapment tactics?

Why hasn’t he been asked about his corruption of cases — like his instructions to Hannya Rizk, a fellow investigator, to violate procedures?

If I were an MP on the committee, why would I want to hear people talking about Warman — for him or against him — when I could talk to the man himself?

He’s not far away.

Read it all here. ]

[ UPDATE VII: Jay Currie notes Deborah’s excellent coverage, although with a slight digression when it comes to seeing Richard Warman:

Deb is a very much better Christian than I. I fear that my reaction would have involved a good deal of invective and not so much of the other cheek stuff. Who the f**k does this man think he is? A CSIS agent? The sheer, unbridled arrogance, the ridiculous self-importance, of the man and his bully boy tactics leave me stunned.

Read it here. ]

[ UPDATE VI: Deborah Gyapong gives a great insider’s report on her blog, here, replete with pictures – special guest, Richard Warman. Check it out. ]

[ UPDATE V: Censors testify before the Justice Committee ]

[ UPDATE IV: Natasha from MooseandSquirrel.ca provides some pre-testimony commentary, which I’m sad to say that I missed before, more’s the pity. At any rate, here it is now:  Cowardly lyin’ Lynch to testify; and Moon and the CHRC: “Dance With the One That Brought You”:

From the National Post’s Full Comment section: Richard Moon: The Attack on Human Rights Commissions

Richard Moon was hired — not simply “asked” as he phrases it — to produce a report for the CHRC. He has a business relationship with them. Does this not constitute a conflict of interest when he testifies on Monday?

From his praise of the CHRC and his obvious disdain for those of us who oppose the fascist censors, it’s apparent he’s taken the following to heart:

Shania Twain – Dance With The One That Brought You

Read it here. Meanwhile, from Free Dominion: Jennifer “J-Ly” Lynch Testifies Monday. ]

[ UPDATE III: Jay Currie and Ezra Levant both provide a final reaction to the testimony. In a nutshell, Jay thinks that Frieman wasn’t so bad, but wasn’t impressed with the committee members, while Ezra wasn’t so down on the committee members, but wasn’t so impressed with Frieman. Make of that what you will. 

Meanwhile, Binks does that magic that he does, and the video starts comin’ in.]

[ UPDATE II: fixing a whole host of formatting problems with my own live-blog of the proceedings. It’ll be up and running in a couple of minutes. Dunno how it got so messed up. ]

[ UPDATE: from Scary Fundamentalist: a detailed Highlights of Lynch before Parliament. ]

Alright, so here’s some post-testimony news, which I will try to follow to the best of my abilities.

First off, much better livebloggings than mine from Ezra Levant, Jesse Ferreras, and Jay Currie. Blazing Cat Fur has kept up with things as they’ve been happening as well, and also provides this little nugget of information:

Update: We are informed that the clerk did not forward the information she received from Ezra Levant to the committee members, even though it was in her possession for some 18 days prior to today’s session.

The information in question is this: ( via Jay Currie )

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,  On Oct. 5th, Mark Steyn and I testified before the Justice Committee in relation to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Mr. Comartin and other MPs requested additional information. On Oct. 8, I sent the below e-mail to the Committee, care of the clerk, Miriam Burke.

Ms. Burke told me today that, although she did receive my e-mail, she has not yet translated it nor sent it out to Committee members, and has no idea when that will happen. Given that the chief commissioner of the CHRC will be at Committee today, I am taking the liberty of sending this to individual Committee members directly.

Finally, I note that another witness before the Committee today, Richard Moon, has published a version of his Committee remarks in advance on the Internet. I attach a Word document pointing out his factual errors, with hyperlinks to the primary documents I reply upon.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

Meanwhile, Small Dead Animals notes the Jennifer Lynch drinking game.


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