(Com)Passion and Power

What Are Society’s Motivators?

[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from Freedom Through Truth was kind enough to let me crosspost this item from his blog. You can read the original here.

I agree: there is no compassion in what the CHRC does. It’s a business. It’s a job; perhaps started with compassion in mind, or empathy, but now taken to the point where dishonesty and corruption are being defended for the sake of the CHRC’s continuance. It’s cynicism at its worst. ]

A friend pointed out to me the other day that I was operating with Passion, but not Compassion in a particular discourse. Truth be told, it is easy to drop the Com from Compassion in day to day life. But really, gentle readers, aren’t we all called to walk with Compassion for our fellow man?

For my wife and me this has meant that we do our charity locally more than just sending cheques to organisations. We do support our local Church, and charities that we believe are doing good work, but much of what we do is more hands on now. We can do this in part because we have nothing but time on our hands, but also because we realise that it is the right thing for us to do.

Today, we are working on a quilt because a member of one of the quilt guilds that my wife is a participant in, challenged members to make quilts for youngsters who through no fault of their own are forced with a parent to find refuge from abuse in a shelter.

But, what of goverment? Take Human Rights, for example. OK, I will. We have government bureaucracies in charge of ferreting out human rights wrongs, and making them right. That just seems so wrong to me. It is, to me, and example of “Let the government do it.” Why? Do they have a passion for this work? Sure doesn’t look like it to me, if you take the shenanigans of J Ly and her band of cronies at the CHRC as an example? Ditto, Barb Hall and her folks at the OHRC. And don’t get me started on Alberta, or BC for that matter.

While J Ly chases after pretend Nazis, and publishers, she does so at the expense of free speech in this country. Ask Marc Lemire how it feels to have his life put on hold for 6 years, and his back account empty, while the J Ly bunch pillory him and lie about him along the way to get a conviction, which in the end was hollow and opens doors to real freedom of speech in this country.

Ask Stephen Boissoin over in Alberta how it feels to be gagged by the Alberta HRC because what he said was not politically correct? It doesn’t matter if he can prove the truth of what he says, because as we have all learned, truth is not a defence at the HRCs.

And in Ontario, the Barb Hallers are chasing after landlords, transit systems, and the like to bring “equality” to us all. Did anybody ask us if we wanted it or believed it was even real? See what George Jonas said about the elusive equality. He called it a Chimera with good reason.

Is there any Compassion in their work? Sure isn’t any visible. They are paid to bring people down for discrimination of some sort or other, and are in marketing to make sure they have enough business to justify their sinecures. They even invent new human rights beyond the Charter along the way.

Is there Passion in their work? Maybe, but hard to tell. No, I think it is about Power, political power. I have seen too many cases that have no basis in the fundamental rights and freedoms that our Charter guarantees us.

The Barb Hall’s of this world live for power, the ability to enforce made up rights is a good place to have power, because you make it up as you go.

Let’s have a revolution, you and me. Let’s work at treating our family first, then our neighbours, then the rest of our community with respect and dignity. Let’s us stand up for Charter fundamental human rights, not hopey changey ones that are being thrust on us. Some wag said long ago: “Charity begins are home.” So, let’s try it. Let’s make government redundant in areas of helping others. Let’s care about one another without regard for religion or political, or other beliefs.

Oh, for this to work, we need a new attitude shift as well. Forget taking offence when someone says something against your beliefs. As one friend said to me more than once: “Suck it up Buttercup.” Instead of filing a Form 1 with Barb or whatever the form is in another province or federally, spread love. Why, because “Love Does Not Take Offence.”

Stop letting the government do it. Do it yourself. If you want to reduce taxes, get rid of the government meddling in your life at every turn. Make it only some turns, where they can do a better job than we can. They cannot look after our neighbour better than we can. Make them leave, because they are not needed.

Weaning away from government intervention everywhere we look won’t be easy. They don’t want to shrink, and we are usually too lazy to stop them.

Wake Up folks. It’s our turn now.

2 Responses to (Com)Passion and Power

  1. Harry Abrams says:


    Maybe there’s more than 1 Marc Lemire out there.

    see: http://anti-racistcanada.blogspot.com/2009/10/examination-of-marc-lemire-part-i.html

  2. Eh – depends on who you ask.

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