So what’s new at the Canadian Human Rights Commission

Got these updates in my inbox today, thanks to the CHRC’s handy email subscription. Read on, if you like ( I’ve taken the liberty of converting a little bit to HTML ):

Hello Walker,

As requested, here’s the latest addition to the Web site:What’s

Remarks by Chief Commissioner, Jennifer Lynch, Q.C., as a
witness before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human
Rights – October 26, 2009.

Other ‘What’s New’ Postings:

08/10/2009 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision in
Joan Jollasse v. Keeseekoowenin First Nation

01/10/2009 Judicial Review Application in the Warman v.
Lemire case

28/09/2009 CHRC statement to the UN Human Rights Council, in response to the tabling of the report of the Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights.

25/09/2009 Remarks by Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch,
Q.C., at the NGO Meeting in Parallel to the APF 14 Conference


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