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November 30, 2009

Alright, here we go.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Our Changing Landscape provides a little more commentary in the wake of the Infidel Blogger Awards, while Stand Your Ground talks a little bit about the Christian Horizons appeal in Ontario, and Stephen Boissoin’s saga in Alberta, and notes Binks’ latest at Free Canuckistan: Steynian 399.

Second, Dr. Dawg at Dawg’s Blawg gets rather upset over, well, I dunno. Some sort of comparison between a whole bunch of Speechers, with the exception of our friend Jay Currie, not talking about something and their, therefore, support for the horror of that something. He seems to be implying that to take on the Speecher mantle means to talk about every case of religious/speech freedom violation in existence, which, frankly, I just can’t see happening. It’s tiring enough getting worked up over one of ’em.

Third, via the Edmonton Journal: CN made woman choose between job and son:

By Darcy Henton

Kasha Whyte was devastated the day she was fired from her job as a CN Rail conductor.

“It was pretty brutal. That was my career and it was over just like that,” she said last week. “There wasn’t even an investigation. I didn’t get to talk to anybody. We just got form letters.”

Whyte, a 16-year CN employee, was one of four Jasper women fired by CN in 2005 for refusing to accept a temporary assignment to Vancouver. Whyte and Cindy Richards, both single moms who cited family reasons for their inability to transfer, have taken their case to the Canadian Human Rights Commission in a bid to get their jobs back.

A commission tribunal headed by Michel Doucet wound up hearings in Jasper a couple of weeks ago. It is expected to be several months before a decision is announced.

Whyte, 45, is hoping for a landmark ruling that protects Canadians from being fired for refusing transfers when they have legitimate family obligations that prevent them from moving.

Read the rest here.

Fourth, the poster behind Onward James lays out why he is a Harperite, despite the criticisms of Stephen Harper over the CHRC, Lynch, etc. He lays it out a little more at Free Dominion: Stephen Harper may be one of the best Prime Ministers…

Fifth, via the Cornwall Free News: Teiohontathe Fallan Davis Finally Gets Her Day – Canadian Human Rights Tribunal – Cornwall Ontario – November 30, 2009:

Boy Réjean Bélanger is going to have to earn his bucks in this case.   Justice moves very slowly in this world.  In the case of  davis2 Teiohontathe Fallan Davis it’s taken over four years of her life.  During this time she’s not only had to suffer the wounds of her alleged mishandling at the hands of CBSA officials, but also the frustration, fear, and alleged harrasment at the hands of CBSA and Justice agencies in Canada since.

As a matter of fact if not for The Canadian Human Rights Commission deciding that her allegations warrant investigation, and supporting their continuing investigation her case would’ve disappeared in the winds.

Read the rest here.

Finally, Stu Murray…(scroll down ); and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


Today’s Lynch List

November 29, 2009

Alright, here we go.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Let Freedom RainBigCityLib, Thudfactorand Sadly No! note Mark Steyn’s latest for Macleans – Major Nidal Hasan had an enabler. Blazing Cat Fur, Freedom Through Truth, Scaramoucheand Five Feet of Fury note Binks’ latest at Free Canuckistan steynian 399.

Second, from No Apologies: CH court case next month; Learn more about it today:

The Ontario Divisional Court is about to hear the appeal Christian Horizons filed against the homosexual activist decision filed against them by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal a couple of years ago.

This and Stephen Boissoin’s case in Alberta are two of the most important cases of Christian persecution in Canada in recent years. Even Christian persecution ministry Voice of the Martyrs covers updates on these cases. These are cases where private citizens are using the law, such as it is, to launch a malicious and vindictive attack on Christians – an individual Christian and a Christian ministry/social service organization.

And in both these cases, the lines have been drawn between a fundamentalist homosexualism and loving, faithful Christianity.

If you want to understand the Christian Horizons case in these days leading up to their appeal hearing, you can purchase a book devoted to the case, explaining the various angles and aspects of the incident and the OHRT ruling. “No Sacred Ground: ‘Human Rights’ Thought Police Clamping Down on Christians” was written to explain the nature and implications of this very serious ruling.

You can purchase the hardcopy version of the book for $12 by visiting the ECP Centre’s storefront here or you can purchase an e-version of the book for only $5.

Read the rest here.

Third, via Scaramouche: Shakedown interruptus:

A little birdy (i.e. a fiery kitty) informs me that that over-the-hill peeler who complained about her employer’s ‘”agism” has had her “human rights” kvetch thrown out because she failed to comply with the Inquisition’s “rules”.

Read the rest here. More from Blazing Cat Fur.

Fourth, Ezra Levant writes Calgary’s Official Jews: as stupid as Toronto’s Official Jews, which is also noted by Blazing Cat Fur, Scaramouche, and Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury and on the NewsReal Blog.

Fifth, from Five Feet of Fury: ‘There’s never been a free-speech triple-play like this one…’:

From the Shakedown to the Lights Out to The Tyranny Of Nice, Steyn, Levant, Vere and Shaidle mark the stages of decline, and of a descent into a soft beguiling totalitarianism.

Order all three books together from SteynOnline for one low price, and we’ll throw in:

* Mark’s holiday single “A Marshmallow World”
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And don’t forget, the Flagrant Islamophobe Steyn will be happy to autograph all three books to you or your loved one in his own disgustingly flagrant manner.

Read it here.

Sixth, from SoCon Or Bust: Set Me Free:

The great and noble effort by Canadians during the past couple of years to remove the shackles of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions cannot end in a simple legal fiction which treats freedom as an end itself.  Freedom – true freedom – is not an end but a means.  It is a valid instrument exercised by a free people for the pursuit of the truth.  But, as with all instruments, it can be abused to such an extent that its abuse can become the precursor towards enslavement in almost every area of human existence – spiritual, psychological, moral, and material. 

The great danger of modern times is to either suppress freedom for some purported good, or to treat its exercise in an absolute way as if it has no legitimate moral boundaries.  In the end, both philosophies end up in the grips of tyranny.    The human rights thug wishes to impose an arbitrary system of “human rights” which tyrannizes the population by the very system he operates within, while the “free speech absolutist” tears down the boundaries of authentic freedom by eschewing the moral virtues of justice and decency. He may even have little regard for the truth.  In the end, both systems end up in the tyrannical gutter.  The latter system simply takes a little longer to ripen.

For those of us who have fought the thuggery of the HRCs, we must be wary that any mere legal victory will not keep the totalitarians at bay unless we all recognize that freedom without the truth is a cheap, legal fiction.  It will not survive unless it is at the service, and not the master, of the truth.

Read the rest here. A big h/t to Mbrandon8026 at Freedom Through Truth.

Seventh, more on the ongoing saga of the Canadian Mausoleum of Human Rights from Scaramouche.

Finally, the er, many sins of Ezra Levant; the debasers and destroyers of freedom in Canada; beware the soft Jihad; and Bernie in politics?

Today’s Lynch List

November 28, 2009

Alright, here we go.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Betsy’s Page notes Mark Steyn’s latest for MacleansMajor Nidal Hasan had an enabler. Blazing Cat Fur notes the case of the ‘service’ tea-cup chihuahua going before the Ontario HRT this coming Tuesday.

Second, Binks has done it again, with another heaping helping of links Steynian, Levantian, and Freespeechian over at Free Canuckistan. His latest offering: Steynian 399.

Third, one Mindy G. Alter writes a letter to the editor of the Canadian Jewish News: Rights act and Islamic ‘hate speech’:

The Canadian Jewish Congress continues to throw free expression under the rails, and for what (“CJC defends web hate section of rights act,” Nov. 5)? So that its proxy can haul “Nazis” who pose absolutely no threat to us in front of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal? So that an addled First Nations leader will be forced to account for his “thought crimes”? How pathetic, and how tragically short-sighted. For while the “human rights” system and criminal courts deal with the phantom menace of homegrown Nazis, the real threat to Jews goes unchallenged: in downtown Toronto, an angry mob of Hamas supporters chants hateful epithets, and a small group of counter-protesters are told to run for their lives because police cannot protect them; at York University, police are called in to rescue some Jewish students who have been cornered by an angry Israel-haters; at the University of Toronto, a student, originally from Bangladesh, posts vitriolic Judenhass on the web, and authorities refuse to charge him with a hate crime, and a Somali imam in Toronto spews hate-filled sermons with impunity.
Is there no one at the CJC who can see what’s happening here – the smaller picture, which reveals Canadian authorities disinclined to do anything about Islamic “hate speech,” and the bigger picture, which shows free speech under grave threat from a United Nations in thrall to it largest voting bloc, the Organization of the Islamic Conference? Now more than ever we need our free speech. Otherwise, to quote the title of Mark Steyn’s latest book, it’s “lights out” for freedom around the world.
Mindy G. Alter

Read it here.

Finally, Kinsella, adviser ( scroll down ); ‘the human rights commission, maybe…’; and run for your lives!

Today’s Lynch List

November 27, 2009

Alright, here we go.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Rebekah from the Miss Marprelate Tracts notes the un-ending legal existence of Al Tahmourpour’s ‘case’ against the RCMP, as well as the HRC’s next front in the war against hate. John Miller has a little more on his praise for Ezra Levant’s Shakedown on his site. Policy Monitor Canada notes the CHRC’s latest revisions of its alcohol and drug testing policies, while Scary Fundamentalist notes the Toronto Police Service’s considered appeal of an HRTO decision against them.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn’s latest for MacleansMajor Nidal Hasan had an enabler – is noted by Freedom Through Truth, Blazing Cat Fur, and Scaramouche, while Five Feet of Fury notes the coming to a close of the Infidel Blogger Awards.

Second, Stephen Scheinberg writes, for Canadian Jews and Free Speech:

Canadians are deeply attached to our traditions of civil liberties and free speech and Canadian Jews have been counted among their most ardent defenders. We honour such heroes of Canadian liberty in our past such as Justice Bora Laskin, David Lewis, and more recently Alan Borovoy, soon to step down as leader of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Yet, in the last months Canadian Jewry has played an unfortunate role in setting back the cause of free speech in a series of unfortunate events.

First, we must remind the reader that the defence of civil liberties sometimes entails battling for the rights of those we are deeply opposed to whether neo-nazis, communists, or even pro-Palestinian and non-Zionist elements. Rights and liberties are indivisible and cannot be sacrificed to one’s personal political preferences. There was a time when I debated Alan Borovoy and maintained that Canada could, unlike the United States, safely impinge on free speech via our Supreme Court’s limited restrictions on hate propaganda.

When Human Rights Commissions investigated two right-wing writers, who I most emphatically differ with (Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn), for alleged hate propaganda violations, I recognized that I was wrong and Canadian liberties would be safer with a more absolutist standard such as the American First Amendment

Read the rest here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur.

Third, The Doggeral Party of Canada: A Human Rights Tribunal Date For Your Diaries:

The Ontario HRT hearing into the case of the “service” teacup chihuahua will be held in Ottawa this coming Tuesday, December 1st at the Best Western Macy’s hotel, starting at 10am.

As this is yet another example of the uncontrolled silliness and excesses of Barbara Hall’s Ontario “Human Rights” fiefdom, I would encourage any and all who can to attend the hearing to show support for the Rouble family – they are the real victims – and to quietly show that this state abuse of freedom is not being done in our name.

I will be covering the hearing here at TDPC for those who can’t make it.

Read it here.

Finally, Kinsella, adviser ( scroll down ); former director Kathleen Ruff ( scroll down ); taking their cue; and Ezra Levant reviews The Cartoons that Shook the World by Jytte Klausen in the Globe and Mail.

Stephen Boissoin on Culture Watch radio tonight, again

November 27, 2009

No Apologies has the story:

In our last edition of Culture Watch, we heard from Stephen Boissoin about how he was levied with $7,000 in fines and ordered to apologize and cease expressing his views on homosexuality, all because of one letter to the editor, which was also curiously blamed for motivating a subsequent gay bashing incident. That’s the Kafkaesque scenario he, as an Alberta youth minister, found himself in after he wrote the letter to the Red Deer Advocate newspaper in 2002. He was hauled before a human rights commission and convicted of hate speech over the letter. However, the matter is now before the Alberta Court of the Queen’s Bench, which is considering his appeal that the ruling violated his right to free expression as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Listen on this edition to the remainder of his presentation before a meeting of the Niagara branch of the Association for Reformed Political Action, an organization associated with Reformed churches in Canada, which took place at Covenant Canadian Reformed Church in Grassie, just outside Hamilton. It includes a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Listen here.

Speaking of Ezra Levant in Vancouver…

November 27, 2009

Someone by the pseudo-name of G33b has some video from Ezra’ speaking engagement in Vancouver, if y’all are interested. Here’s part one:

Ezra Levant Nov 25 2009 Part 1 of 2.flv:

Here’s part two:

Ezra Levant Nov 25 2009 Part 2 of 2.flv:


Ezra Levant in Vancouver

November 27, 2009

[ ED NOTE: Truepeers from Covenant Zone was kind enough to let me crosspost this item from CZ. You can read the original here. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur here.

It’s too bad I wasn’t in Vancouver, then. It looks like a good time was had by all. ]

Ezra came into town for a whirlwind stop at Vancouver’s Cherie Smith Jewish Book Festival Wednesday night. Someone won a book for knowing the four Canadian cities in which Ezra would find himself over twenty-four hours today/tomorrow. Ezra was introduced by bee man, Mark Winston, who admitted to growing up in Cleveland, where all the Jews were Democrats and all the WASPs Republicans. Winston hadn’t met a Republican ’till he was about twenty-five, and thought it novel that we could now be blessed with the company of conservative Jews.

Ezra recounted his story, which I assume is well-known to readers of this blog, of his 900-day Orwellian dance with the Alberta “Human Rights” Commission. He also gave us a brief history lesson on the 1960s-70s campaign to silence an elderly Nazi kook, John Ross Taylor, and his antisemitic telephone answering machine, that led to the provisions in Canada’s “human rights” act that allow for the prosecution of telecommunications “likely” to expose someone to hatred or contempt. In doing so, Ezra condemned the Jewish lineage of Canada’s “hate speech” censorship laws. “The Jews,” he despaired, “so smart as individuals, so dumb as a group”. Now, if only someone took that to the Human Rights Commission, how many days of investigations…?

Ezra has mastered the telling of his story and figured out the considerable joke potential in its absurdities, yet like a great jazz musician each time you give him the floor he makes the standard into something fresh and newly embodied; his every gesture and word spins forth in sarcasm and anger that this is how he has come to his public moment in a country whose greatness is/was its freedom. But at the end of the day, Ezra seems to truly believe that the “hate speech” mandate of the “human rights” commissions will in future be abolished.

But I wonder if his attraction to the argument that “censorship is not a Jewish thing”, that the Jewish intelligentsia does not support it (except for neurotic Woody Allen types, and the hate law-invested Canadian Jewish Congress) is not really as much an unspoken campaign to change ordinary Jewish minds as it is a confident description or present Canadian reality.

When I asked Ezra where the political opposition to abolishing Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act was really coming from, he suggested there is a fear within the Harper government (and perhaps the Liberals?), of the damage that sundry demagogues of the left might do, given their taste for self-righteous caricatures of PM Harper as some kind of dangerous man with a semi-secret agenda that threatens our rights. Indeed, since the left has few other kinds of arguments today, one can appreciate that they must be desperate for new material. And, in the present political environment, a few votes in a few ridings could make the difference in an election outcome.

Furthermore, as the recent news makes clear, the Conservative Party has its eye on winning a lot of the Jewish vote away from the Liberal Party of Canada, especially in certain swing ridings. And so I wonder if this is not a good part of the source of politician fears of being condemned for putting “Nazi” hunters out of business. Ezra made fun of Jews who wanted to get even with the Nazis in the 1960s by lobbying for “hate speech” laws, thus empowering themselves with government sticks to have a few whacks at some pathetic representative of the enemy. The real Jew, he suggested, has confidence and fights off his indolence so that he can publicly debate and call out the hateful for all to see and shun, while working at the never-ending task of telling the truth of the Holocaust to each new generation of confused Canadian youth.

I overheard two things of interest as the crowd left the talk: 1) A man said to his apparent wife, in mid-conversation, that something had to have been done about Jim Keegstra teaching hate to the schoolchildren in Alberta. She replied, well maybe we don’t need the “human rights” act, but just the criminal code. (While Keegstra was tried under the criminal code, I nonetheless took this as a sign that Ezra had an effect on challenging someone’s fear that “Nazis” must be suppressed by bureaucratic censors.) 2) A couple of middle-aged women were made a little gaga by the super-charged talk/performance: “he must have an IQ of… 145!”

The more I think about it, maybe the path to getting rid of Section 13 is to keep Ezra talking and to have the CJC taken over by Jewish mothers…

It must be hell being a public speaker with cameras constantly flashing at you. So I only took one shot of Ezra, not the best I’m afraid (pre-talk, before the arms were flailing).