Ah…there’s the chill

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I came across this in the process of putting together today’s Lynch List.  I think this is, in a nutshell, the chill that we Speechers have been harping on about for so long – to a T.

From LifeSiteNews:

By Michael Baggot

LANGLEY, BC, April 7, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A statement from a director at Focus on the Family confirms that the major Christian organization has been editing its radio programs in order to accord with Canadian “hate crime” laws.

“In particular, our content producers are careful not to make generalized statements nor comments that may be perceived as ascribing malicious intent to a ‘group’ of people and are always careful to treat even those who might disagree with us with respect,” Gary Booker, director of global content creation for Focus, told WorldNetDaily.com.

“Occasionally, albeit very rarely, some content is identified that, while acceptable for airing in the U.S. would not be acceptable under Canadian law and is therefore edited or omitted in Canada.”

Read the rest here.

Reverse chill my ass. Jennifer Lynch is fine. Publishers like LifeSiteNews and S.E. Calgary News are the ones who need to be concerned.


9 Responses to Ah…there’s the chill

  1. Revnant Dream says:

    Christians are to be the salt of the Earth. Not the cowardly mice. Silent & almost invisible.
    Time people stopped following Churchianity.

  2. Natasha says:

    Idiots like that are a big part of the reason it’s been so hard to get rid of Lynch and her gang.

  3. Well, to some extent I’m a bit sympathetic to FoTF, because they’re just trying to get along to get along.

    But also to an extent, I agree with what you’re saying. Groups like FoTF need to stand up for themselves. I think Jesse Ferreras makes a good point, here: http://jesseferreras.blogspot.com/2009/11/is-focus-on-family-too-afraid-of-hate.html

  4. […] the United States and prosecuted in Canada. That’s vague and dishonest, and it misleads good people who worry that the group is being chilled into […]

  5. Johnny 100 Pesos says:

    The problem isn’t with FoTF, it’s with the Canadian “hate” laws.

    Don’t waggle your fingers at them for trying to obey the law, of course they don’t want to be banned around here.

    Instead, look at envy at the US where you can speak your mind with worrying about someone getting shocked, shocked and shaking you down.

    Look at anger at the climate of fear that has been created in Canada.

    Quite frankly, this is our fight (us Canucks), not those American’s. The yanks can’t change the law, only we can.

  6. That’s a very good point, Johnny.

  7. bk says:

    Canada is a loser’s nation: you’ll hear far more incendiary and discriminatory things said in a feminist studies department than you will most anywhere else – but some groups can get away with certain things in 2009 canada and other groups can’t (heck, our constitution basically enshrines special privileges for “special,” “historically disadvantaged” groups). I am ashamed i was born in the demented dominion where basic rights are not inviolable but are simply things granted by the state – to be taken away by the state whenever convenient.

  8. […] writes, via Post-Darwinist: Intellectual freedom in Canada news roundup, with comments: Here’s how Focus on the Family edits its content for Canada, to avoid “hate speech” laws. I […]

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