To Marxist Hell With All Of Us?

I came across this within Binks’ latest post for Free Canuckistan: Steynian 395. I thought you, dear readers, might also be interested in this snippet from the post, the rest of which you should totally check out, by the way:

To Marxist Hell With All Of Us?

Le Bourgeois gentilhomme

~ ITEM: Peter Hitchens on revelations that UK immigration policy was designed to alter British culture

~ ITEM: The plan is to bankrupt the west

~ ITEM: The Tea Party world

~ ITEM: Bourgeoisie: WikiPedia

~ ALL DURING THE FREE-SPEECH NATTER of the past few years, ‘we’ve endlessly head the phrase that our free speech does not extend to yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre just for the heck of it. All well and good.

What about deliberate radical acts of civilizational and demographic vandalism against a society– not in its best interests, nor even that of the immigrants in question– out of contempt for ordinary folk and their lives and ways? Looks like that’s what was done against Britain, by UK bureaucrats, to “stir things up”.

For the hateful communist/ socialist theory, the worst folks are the contented bovine ‘bourgeois’– you know, the self-satisfied prosperous middle-class, working hard and building families and paying taxes, and seeking occasional pleasure out of life. The workers? The revolutionary fodder. The rich evil fat-cats? The evil capitalist monsters who oppress and exploit the workers and keep the stupid bourgeois happy and sleepy, etc., and so on.

So the bureaucrats and government betters in question decided to use immigration as a weapon, and immigrants as projectiles, to damage and cause change in Great Britian. You know, ‘cuz is totally evil and corrupt and imperialistic and yada yada.

Feel the hate, the heartless cruelty, the palpable venom towards ‘the little people’, and towards much of what made the UK a good and generous and polite society, and the mother of democracy in the modern world.

It’s just the same old grim evil of the human heart, envy and wrath and contempt and pride, exercised by those in power on their victims. Such radicalism is not simply bullshit– manure is essentially a good thing, and gives new life and enrichment to soil and fields and crops. Modern radicalism is rather more like toxic/ poisonous/ corrosive hyper-radioactive waste, with no good purpose or effect when splattered around on society. Satan’s own misery, enriched.

The people responsible for the deliberate wrecking of British society and exploitation of immigrants should be exposed, tried, and punished. People, society– heck, all of Western Civ– are not mere playthings in the hands of heartless faux demi-gods. Human Rights commissions, nanny-state departments, radical academia and politics– it’s all bent toward the same hellish destructive ends.

I cannot sufficiently express my disgust and anger with such folk and their works than to say: badly done. For shame. To the deepest hell with you and your treacherous folk, alongside Stalin, Mao, and all the rest of the monsters. ~

Read it here.


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